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ntn srb catalyst paper sr e

NTN Extends Bearing Service Life on Thermal Rolls for Paper Manufacturer

The NTN solution has been proven to last over 6 times longer. The new case hardened custom bearing solution has generated a cost savings of $1,724,000 by extending maintenance intervals and maximizing productivity.

NTN’s Green Line with Solid Lube. Annualized cost savings $125,402

NTN’s Green Line with Solid Lube Quadruples Uptime on Poultry Waste Conveyor Screws

One of North America’s largest poultry producers was suffering recurring bearing failures on a pair of its waste conveyor screws. One of the conveyor screws was responsible for transporting chicken organs while the other carried feathers.

UltageBearings Annualizedcostsavingsof$,

NTN’s ULTAGE® Spherical Roller Bearing Quadruples Uptime on Edger Saw

A North American wood processing facility that manufactures wood pallets was experiencing catastrophic bearing failures on their edger saw. These failures were causing extensive downtime, significant bearing replacement cost and lost production.

AnnualizedCostSavings$, LLUSeals

NTN’s LLU Seals Expected to Triple Uptime at Cold Rolling Mill

A major North American based steel mill was experiencing bearing failures on the anti-crimping and anti-flutter rolls in its cold rolling mill. Read our case study to see how NTN helped this mill triple uptime.

Bower type E Bearing Units

NTN’s Bower® Type E Bearing Unit Gets Drying Kiln Back on 24/7 Schedule

A leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality sorbent products was experiencing production-altering bearing failures on its drying kiln. The bearings being used were failing six times per year and causing a significant impact on the production schedule because the kiln had to be run 24 hours per day.

AnnualizedCostSavings$, Singlepointlubricator

NTN Single Point Lubricators Reduce Regular Maintenance Time at Pet Care Distribution Center

A major pet care producer and distribution center in California was experiencing labor production inefficiencies due to the need to manually lubricate equipment. The plant maintenance team was unable to effectively meet the upkeep needs of other areas of the plant on a timely basis due to the demanding relubrication schedule.

AnnualizedCostSavings$,, AngularContactBallBearings

NTN Maximum Capacity Type Double-Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings Eliminate Pump Failures at Chemical Plant

A major US-based chemical production plant was experiencing repeated, premature bearing failures on the screw pumps in the titanium dioxide production process. The repetitive failures of the large bearings on these pumps created product quality problems and required eight pumps to be rebuilt every month, causing costly downtime at a rate of $400,000 per month.

UltageSphericalRoller AnnualizedCostSavings $,

NTN’s Engineering Triples Uptime of Paper Machine Couch Roll

A major Canadian producer of container board was experiencing catastrophic failures of the spherical roller bearings on the large suction couch roll in the wet end of their paper machine.Failures were occurring every two months resulting in the mill shutting down its sole paper machine for over six hours each time it needed repair.

NTNDocumentedCostSavings$, HeavyDutyMountedUnit

NTN’s SPAW/SPW Heavy Duty Mounted Units Keep Transfer Table Rolling

A major Canadian producer of dimensional lumber was experiencing production-crippling bearing failures on their log yard transfer table. The repetitive failures on this critical equipment were causing very costly downtime at a rate of over $11,000 per year, impacting production and requiring a maintenance crew of six, 30 hours over a weekend to rebuild…

AnnualizedCostSavings:$, UltraClassSR

NTN’s Ultra-Class™ Triples Uptime at Hardwood Sawmill

A major US-based hardwood sawmill was experiencing production-crippling bearing failures on their drying kiln rollers. The repetitive failures on this critical equipment were causing very costly downtime at a rate of over $1,900 per week and impacting promised ship dates. NTN’s engineering and sales support team ran a comprehensive diagnosis of the mill’s drying kilns and…

NTNTaperedRollerBearings AnnualizedCostSavings$,

NTN Significantly Improves Production Output at Copper Tube Manufacturer by Redesigning Pilger Mill

A major manufacturer of copper tubing for refrigeration in industrial markets across North America was experiencing failures on the infeed carriage drive gearbox in their pilger miller. The frequent failures were causing over 400 hours of downtime per year at a rate of $100 per hour. This also shortened maintenance cycles and reduced production…

AnnualizedCostSavings$,, UltageSRBMetal

NTN Ultage® Spherical Roller Bearings Increase Tonnage on Continuous Caster

A major US-based hot strip mill was experiencing abnormally short bearing life on their continuous slab caster. Repetitive segment roll failures caused costly downtime at a rate of over $10,000 per hour and affected downstream operations. NTN’s engineering and sales support team ran a comprehensive diagnosis of the mill’s segment rolls and discovered that …

AnnualizedCostSavings$, SentinalSeries

NTN’s Sentinel™ Series Saves Poultry Processing Plant Thousands

A major US-based poultry plant processing approximately 175,000 birds per day was struggling with catastrophic bearing failures on both their poultry cage washing machinery and cage unloading systems. The repetitive failures on these two critical applications were causing very costly downtime at a rate of $231 per minute. NTN’s engineering and sales support…

AnnualizedCostSavings$, SentinalBottling

NTN’s Sentinel™ Series Improves Filling & Capping Operations at Major Beverage Plant

A major beverage bottling and distribution plant in Florida was having repetitive failures on their bottling line. These failures were causing a loss of production valued at $10,000 per month. NTN’s engineering and sales support team performed a thorough evaluation of the plants’ 120-head filling machine. They identified that 20 heads (17%) on the machine were…