improve your performance
improve your performance
NTN bearings for cement plants

NTN bearings for cement plants, meet all the requirements of the industry, from the crushing of the raw materials to the output of finished cement.

We respond to all your design and operational expectations. Our bearings will reduce your operating costs, even in the harshest of environments.

NTN bearings are designed for the cement industry:

  • ensuring optimum profitability, by reducing the costs associated with the use of bearings, throughout the process
  • ensuring comprehensive service and support to prevent problems before they occur: on-site technical assistance, lubrication solutions, on-site training and fault diagnosis
  • ensuring a wide range of tools are available particularly suited to working in harsh environments (dust, humidity, heat, etc.)

For all phases of production, NTN offers a wide range of bearings specially designed for crushers, Clinker kilns, coolers and reducers.

Also take a look at the product range of NTN bearings designed for equipment in the mining and quarrying sectors, those industries upstream of the production of cement.

NTN Bearings for cement plants

Do you know about the benefits of the range of bearings and housed bearing units designed specifically for the cement industry?

Strength and performance of your installations
  • increased strength due to an optimized steel cage design, particularly useful in applications such as vertical crushers
  • higher load carrying capacity provided by special heat treatments (carborizing, carbonitriding)
  • increased operating speeds with the SRB ULTAGE range
Profitability and efficiency for total satisfaction
  • savings on your total cost of ownership (TCO) through reduced maintenance and twice the service life.
  • smaller bearings for the same operating conditions
  • reduced environmental impact through a reduction in power consumption.
Cement industry range of bearings and housed bearing units

A Leader in Asia and Japan, NTN has a presence on many production sites throughout the world. We have earned our status thanks to the development of bearings adapted to the requirements imposed by temperature, dust and heavy loads. Our bearings also provide the reliability and durability of the equipment of our end-users.

NTN bearings provide reliability and durability