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Bearings for Paper & Forestry

NTN's bearings are engineered to tackle the brutal environments of pulp, paper and other forestry operations —and we back them with quick availability plus hands-on support, training and trouble-shooting. To help deliver more uptime and output, NTN’s heavy-duty products are built to exceed industry standards for durability in the most demanding conditions.

Sawmills worldwide have counted on us for decades

Your sawmill’s production literally rides on the critical bearings that keep the lumber moving. Heavily contaminated, abrasive and corrosive environments require bearings that can stand up to these harsh working conditions in addition to heavy impacts, shocks and vibration. NTN products are engineered to combat contamination threats, the number one bearing killer in mills, to keep your operation running strong. Sawmills worldwide have counted on us for decades to transform their transfer tables, conveyors and sawing equipment into a strategic advantage.

With reliable products like NTN Ultra-Class™ Mounted Ball Bearing Units and SPAW/SPW Mounted Roller Bearing Units, you’re ready to meet your mill’s demanding production targets.

SPAW/SPW Mounted Roller Bearing Units

NTN’s heavy-duty SPAW/SPW Mounted Roller Bearing Units outperform in the most punishing sawmill services such as debarkers and transfer tables.

Forestry SPW

NTN’s SPW and SFCW product lines feature a sealed spherical bearing that offers corrosion protection in applications with heavy contamination concerns.

The single-piece housing offers solid composition, which ensures excellent mechanical integrity and shock stability.

These are easy to-install SAF/SN replacement units that are factory sealed, prelubricated and assembled.

Ultra-Class™ Mounted Ball Bearing Units

Ultra-Class™ Mounted Ball Bearing Units are the standard solution for lumber sorters and other applications.

Forestry Ultraclass

NTN’s Ultra-Class™ mounted unit line is the original solid base offering in our mounted bearing unit portfolio. It symbolizes our commitment to performance and reliability.

Featuring NTN’s exclusive ball-point set screw design, the Ultra-Class™ black-oxide plated insert provides 120° screw orientation to provide superior alignment and centering, compared to typical 90° configurations. The semi-retractable, ball-point mechanism means excellent tightening torque characteristics without damage to the shaft-mounting surface.

Using a combined elastomeric seal in tandem with NTN’s outer flinger design, each mounted unit exhibits a fan-like mechanism that keeps particles from getting near the inner ball bearing and raceways.

NTN precision-engineered bearings are paper industry durable

Leave money-draining downtime in the dust. NTN precision-engineered bearings are proven to be paper industry durable and dependable. Plus they’re readily available in a wide variety of fittings and come with hands-on support from experienced field engineers, all working to help you boost production like never before.

With your press rolls subjected to intense pressure — and the costly downtime you face when one needs adjusting or repairing — quality bearings make the difference between turning a profit or losing a fortune. That’s why NTN bearings are designed to withstand the most extreme forces your machines can muster. It’s also why the world’s leading mills trust us for their most challenging applications.

NTN ULTAGE® SAFD Split Housing Mounted Roller Bearing

The NTN ULTAGE® line increases service life up to 75% while lowering overall operating costs, saving you time and money. Rugged cast and ductile iron housing options with the industry leading ULTAGE® spherical roller bearing insert are ideal for hammermill vibration and high speeds. 

Forestry SAFD

NTN ULTAGE® SAFD ductile iron pillow block housings have been designed to provide superior performance in a variety of demanding applications. Optimized to ensure premium bearings operate to their full potential, these split housings offer flexibility for the designer, as well as improved reliability for the maintenance professional. These rugged, ductile iron pillow blocks have a higher tensile strength and better elasticity than cast iron. Built to perform in the most demanding applications, ULTAGE SAFD can withstand the high load, shock, and contamination associated with paper and forestry operations.

NTN ULTAGE® Tapered Roller Bearings

Specifically engineered for press rolls, with case carburized components for impact and surge loading, plus features that reduce edge stress and fatigue.


NTN ULTAGE® Tapered Roller Bearings provide higher load capacity, higher speed and longer service life through an optimized internal design and roller crowning. Optimized roller crowning, special heat treatment and super-finished rollers and raceways improve bearing life, running accuracy and load ratings.

NTN ULTAGE® Spherical Roller Bearings

NTN ULTAGE spherical roller bearings combine cutting-edge product research, premium-grade materials, and an optimized internal and external design to greatly extend bearing life. The result is greater profitability for our customers thanks to improved uptime and productivity

Forestry Ultage Spherical

NTN ULTAGE spherical roller bearings feature the industry’s highest load rating: a full 18% higher than a standard spherical roller bearing. This level of quality means at least a 75% extension of service life. The performance of these sphericals is achieved through the use of very high quality raw materials and optimized rolling element geometry.The unique design also leads to:

  • Reduced friction torque (as much as 30% less), offering lower operating temperature, with lower power and lubricant consumption.
  • Appreciably increased operating speed, allowing an extended scope of applications.
  • High temperature capacity of up to 200°C (392°F) for metallic cage bearings. Dimensional stability is ensured by a specific heat treatment.
  • A +/- 0.5° misalignment capability, without reducing the load capacity, and up to 1° 30’ in case of low loads

When the pressure’s on, count on us.

Day in and day out, your bearings are under extreme pressure—almost as extreme as the pressure you’re under to hit your production goals. NTN takes the load off with quick access to products through your local distributor, and experienced engineers who work on-site to assist with product selection and installation training. Whatever it takes to keep you from having to deal with unplanned downtime.