NTN aerospace bearings

Aircraft, helicopters, space: our innovative and high-performance aerospace bearings evolve to meet your latest technical developments.

NTN has been collaborating with the major companies in the aviation industry for more than 50 years. We have contributed to many new programmes, such as the engines on all new single-aisle aircraft (A320neo, B737 MAX…) and AW189 and H175 helicopters.

The evolving technical demands of our customers are the focus of our concerns and our innovations:

Decrease your fuel consumption

NTN strives to reduce the energy consumption of its customers by producing lighter bearings with ceramic rolling elements for increased speed and reduced rotational torque (thanks in particular to optimised designs).

Improved performance in extreme conditions

As a result of the strength of our R&D, and the resources of a Group of more than 23,000 people, our aerospace bearings can resist the most extreme demands. Our designs are validated on test benches, where we can simulate real flight conditions.

Reduce your maintenance operations

To reduce your maintenance costs, our bearings are made from premium materials and designed using specially developed software.

Opt for innovative mechatronic solutions

Save weight and improve your predictive maintenance. Inspired by our worldwide success in mechatronics in Automotive applications, we offer the same technology and benefits to the Aerospace industry.

Take advantage of our technical support

NTN is all about products and lots of services! Profit from our technical support, our inspection and refurbishment services, and our customized training.


Aerospace bearings range by NTN

Engine bearings by NTN

(turbojets, turbofans, turboshafts, turboprops and auxiliary power units)
Working with major engine manufacturers, NTN provides bearings for:

  • main shafts
  • gearboxes (Inlet, Towershaft, Accessories...)

Their many rotating parts require specific bearings for:

  • turbines
  • gearboxes (main, intermediate and tail)
  • take-off shaft
  • accessory gearboxes
  • rotors (rotor mast, swash plate, blade root….)
  • flying controls
Helicopter bearings by NTN
Aircraft bearings by NTN

Bearings for the following applications:

  • flying controls
  • accessories: radar, pumps, landing gear, generators…
  • aircraft wheels (additional controls and with "S81” mark certifying the higher quality level)

We supply space programs and provide very specific bearings (extreme reliability, cleanliness, lubrication…) for:

  • turbopumps
  • satellites
Specific space bearings by NTN