NTN’s Sealed Ball Bearings Quadruple Uptime on Milk Carton Printing Press

A large plant in the food processing and packaging industry was experiencing frequent bearing failures on two of the printing presses in its milk carton packaging line. The NTN solution lasted for two months – quadrupling uptime. The reduction in maintenance and bearing acquisition cost that resulted from the longer life led to $31,114 of annual cost savings for the customer.

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Four Tips for Efficient Installation of Wheel Hub Assemblies

Operating efficiencies in your shop can mean the difference between generating a profit and breaking even, so efficient installation of wheel hub assemblies should be a priority. You can increase efficiency using some straightforward techniques that are applicable to all shops.

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Can Proper Wheel Hub Installation Save Your Customers Money?

Proper wheel hub installation reduces vehicle maintenance costs and extends the useful life of wheel hub assemblies and their related parts. Whether it’s preventing comeback wheel bearing replacements or abnormal wear on tires, proper installation can save your customers money.

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Using OE-Quality Hub Assemblies For Ford IWE-Equipped Trucks

What is the most complex wheel bearing hub unit on the roads today? You might think it would be a supercar or electric vehicle. But, it is on the Ford F-150 equipped with 4WD. In 2004, Ford introduced the Integrated Wheel End (IWE) that could disconnect the hub from the axle. This function adds several new components not found on the typical hub unit.

NTN’s Sentinel™ Series Keeps Produce Supplier on Schedule

A major supplier of produce was experiencing catastrophic bearing failures every four months. The bearing failures forced shutdowns that resulted in $90,000 in lost production each year. Read our case study to see how NTN’s Sentinel Series increased uptime resulting in over $133,000 in yearly savings.

Holiday Message to our Industry Partners

Happy holidays to all of our friends, colleagues, industry associates and customers around the world from NTN Canada. We extend our warmest greetings and best wishes for a New Year full of opportunities and new beginnings.

Introducing NTN’s Next Gen Council

The Next Gen Council will deliver the Ultimate Bearing Experience by amplifying the voices of the next generation of NTN leaders and fostering a community-driven culture of continuous improvement, innovation, collaboration, and diversity that will propel NTN into a forward-thinking future.

How to Choose The Correct Sentinel™ Series Housing

NTN’s Sentinel Series premium line of corrosion-resistant mounted ball bearing products for the food and beverage industry features insert bearings constructed from 440C stainless steel. Read our technical overview on which housing material is the appropriate choice for your particular application.

Bearing Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

In your plant, every minute of uptime matters. But harsh chemicals, grease wash-out, corrosion and contamination work together to slow your plant’s productivity to a trickle. Not to worry: NTN has products for your entire plant, each one engineered to last longer in harsh environments. So you can focus on operational improvement and keep your production going strong.