for machine tool bearings
for machine tool bearings
NTN machine tool bearings

Maximize the profitability of your machine tool bearings: benefit from the expertise of a global leader.

N°1 in the market for bearings for machine tools in Japan, NTN collaborates with the world leaders and offers you a wide range of state of the art technology. We guarantee you high-technology bearings and expert assistance during the development of your machine tool.


Our bearings work for you to guarantee the performance of your equipment.

Efficient: improve the performance of your machine tools

Our quality standards are combined with ULTAGE design. Speed, precision and rigidity will increase your machining performance.

Profitable: maximise the life cycle cost of the product

Our range of bearings offers you the best value for money. From purchasing to maintenance, we optimise costs without ever skimping on quality. The reliability of our bearings ensures a reduction in your maintenance costs.

Reliable: reduce your consumption of energy and consumables

Our machine tool bearings are designed to limit power consumption (low torque) and consumables (such as lubricant). Our research also focuses on reducing noise and the pollution coming from air and oil, in order to improve your workshop environment.

NTN Machine tool bearings

The HIGH PRECISION range meets all the needs of your machine tools. 

Spindle bearings:
Precision ball screw support bearings:
Linear range:
NTN bearings for machine tools

Some of our innovations for bearings of machine tools:
  • cooling air cross-member "air cooling spacer”
  • high speed polyamide cages 
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