NTN company vision and values

We are constantly innovating to reduce our carbon footprint.

NTN cares deeply about the environment and acts responsibly to avoid any negative environmental impact. As such, NTN has a strict paperless policy meaning we do not send paper to customers for marketing purposes and we aim to reduce incoming paper to our offices to as close to zero as possible. With meaningful changes to our manufacturing and smarter product design, we are working to significantly reduce the impact our operations have on the environment.



NTN is a 100% Electronic Company

All documents produced while conducting our business are electronic.
Customer interaction is achieved through electronic mediums - all serviced through digital means where possible.

Minimizing the carbon footprint of our products

Paperless Office

We save resources and energy by avoiding printing and the associated postage overheads, we ask all suppliers, vendors and customers who deal with us to interact with us in this manner where possible.
As well as environmental benefits, being paperless helps us keep streamline our organization. Our turnaround time when communicating and supporting our customers is very low as we have no paper overheads.
On the very rare occasions where letters do need to be sent to us, once processed, any paper is securely destroyed or carefully recycled.

Low Carbon Emissions

NTN is a company that does business globally. To ensure that we keep our environmental footprint low, we take steps to ensure very low carbon emissions.