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NTN’s Sentinel™ Series Keeps Produce Supplier on Schedule

Success Report: Sentinel Series Stainless Steel Bearing Units

A major supplier of produce was experiencing catastrophic bearing failures every four months on both its produce cleaning and packaging lines. The regular bearing failures forced production shutdowns that resulted in $90,000 in lost production each year.

NTN’s engineering and sales support team performed a comprehensive evaluation of the applications and determined the bearing failures were being caused by grease washout from regular equipment washdowns. Additionally, over lubrication was a contributing factor as the NTN team observed a number of blown seals.

The NTN Solution

NTN’s team recommended that the bearings being used in the production line be replaced with our Sentinel Series mounted units. NTN Sentinel Series features corrosion resistant stainless steel ball bearings with seals and NSF H1 registered solid lubricant. The solid lubrication provides up to 21 times better washout resistance than standard grease and the seals provide improved protection over the standard ball bearing design that was being used, which is critical to extending the life of equipment exposed to high-pressure washing. Additionally, NTN solid grease provides lubrication for the life of the bearing, eliminating the need for regreasing.

Furthermore, our Sentinel Series line of mounted units is cap capable, providing an additional layer of protection for both the product and the maintenance personnel.

The Result

The NTN solution lasted over the entire 12 month season, completely eliminating unplanned downtime. The solution also eliminated the need for weekly lubrication, saving the facility over 100 hours in yearly maintenance. The increased uptime, reduced maintenance, and decrease in bearing spend resulted in $133,065 in documented savings for the customer.

Value added breakdown



THE NTN Advantage:
Solid Lubrication

Solid lubrication is a maintenance-free solution that eliminates greasing requirements and significantly improves life in harsh washdown applications.

NSF H1 compliant
21X the grease washout resistance
Zero grease leakage
Zero re-lubrication

Sentinel Series Features & Benefits

  • Food-grade solid lubricant eliminates maintenance, resists washout
  • Stainless steel housings with stainless steel inserts prevent corrosion from moisture and harsh cleaning agents
  • All units come equipped with your choice of open or closed cover configurations

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