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NTN’s Bower® Type E Bearing Unit Gets Drying Kiln Back on 24/7 Schedule

Success Report: Bower Type E Bearing Unit

Bower TypeE being used in the field

A leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality sorbent products was experiencing production-altering bearing failures on its drying kiln. The bearings being used were failing six times per year and causing a significant impact on the production schedule because the kiln had to be run 24 hours per day.

NTN’s engineering and sales support team ran a comprehensive diagnosis of the drying kiln and discovered that the competitor’s bearings were only lasting 60-90 days due to an inability to handle shaft misalignment caused by uneven bearing pedestals.

The NTN Solution

The NTN team identified our Bower Type E bearing units as the perfect solution for this application. Bower Type E bearing units are capable of handling +/- 2° of misalignment, which could easily accommodate the mounting issues caused by the bearing pedestals.

The Result

To date, NTN’s Bower Type E bearing units have performed flawlessly! The Bower Type E bearing units continue to operate without issue a full 18+ months after installation with only normal grease maintenance required. The reduction in maintenance and acquisition costs resulted in $3,766 in savings in the first year alone. The customer has been so pleased with NTN’s Bower Type E bearing units that they plan to convert all other Type E applications to Bower Type E units.

Value added breakdown



Bower Type E

BOWER® Type E Bearing Units

  • One-piece, sturdy cast iron housing to withstand demanding applications
  • Threaded housing covers keep bearing clearance set and provide great seal support
  • Self-aligning, double-row spherical roller bearing allows for easy alignment and can handle +/- 2°of misalignment
  • Set screw locking collar secures the inner ring to the shaft
  • Machined brass retainer with offset pockets results in cage stiffness for high vibratory applications
  • Elongated mounting slots for versatile mounting configurations
  • Double-lip seal molded onto a metal shield provides superior sealing performance in extreme environments
  • Extended inner ring improves stability

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