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NTN Single Point Lubricators Reduce Maintenance Time at Pet Care Distribution Center

Success Report: Single Point Lubricators

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A major pet care producer and distribution center in California was experiencing labor production inefficiencies due to the need to manually lubricate equipment. The plant maintenance team was unable to effectively meet the upkeep needs of other areas of the plant on a timely basis due to the demanding relubrication schedule.

Three maintenance personnel were required to regularly grease over 336 lubrication points in an extremely dusty production environment, consuming over 418 hours monthly. The regularly scheduled lubrication intervals resulted in significant time lost, costing the plant more than $9,376 per month.

As a result, the NTN Corporate Accounts team suggested conducting an audit of their equipment, which included a thorough evaluation of the plant’s bucket elevators, belt conveyors, augers, and hammer mills.

The NTN Solution

The NTN team identified our Drive single point lubricators as the perfect solution to reduce time servicing machines. This tool automatically supplies an optimal amount of grease for peak bearing performance. Replacement grease cartridges are only needed every six months. The plant implemented this maintenance tool so personnel would be able to focus on servicing other equipment needs.

The Result

Time saved from using NTNs Drive single point lubricators was valued at $38,796 annually. The plant was so impressed with the results they decided to utilize this solution from NTN across all of their US facilities. The NTN team will continue to work with all the plants to further identify opportunities to improve operational efficiencies, reliability, and safety, while conducting ongoing training for plant personnel.

Value added breakdown



NTN Single Point lubricators

NTN Single Point Lubricators

• Easy installation to keep your operation up and running
• Constant and reliable distribution of grease prevents costly downtime due to lubrication-related bearing failures
• Adjustable and precise grease discharge periods ranging from one month to one year to keep your operation on schedule
• Gas- & electromechanical-powered single point lubricators available to meet the needs of any application
• Lubricant volumes ranging from 60 cc to 250 cc available to meet the greasing needs of any environment
• Standard and special grease fill options available to accommodate any application

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