NTN bearing materials

Use our expertise in bearing materials to meet your requirements

NTN bearing materials will meet your most demanding applications

Our expertise lies in the development of bearing materials to meet your most demanding applications

  • reliability under extreme operating conditions
  • tailored to economic constraints
  • ethics of sustainable development


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A unique philosophy in the choice of materials

The choice of the correct materials and tailoring them to suit your application is considered from the start of the development phase:

  • analysis combined with our experience produces new solutions: mastering of the integration of multi-material plastics, ceramics and composites
  • the development of our own treatments to provide you with a unique response to your application
  • correct selection of sources and type of materials
  • approval process unique to NTN
  • performing tests representative of operating conditions
  • design of machines dedicated to innovative tests
  • monitoring and tailoring the materials over the lifecycle of the product
  • selection of high performing clean steels
  • constant collaborative work with the research community
NTN selection of high performing clean steels

Innovative materials to use in applications

NTN Innovative materials

Over the years, NTN has developed a broad spectrum of innovative solutions. Our know-how in the optimization of materials tailored to each application has earned us a leading position in the field of automotive bearings.

A few examples:

  • surface hardening of aerospace steels, powder metallurgy and 3D printing
  • ceramic materials for high reliability applications
  • reinforced plastics and composite materials
  • greases and oils for multi-component mechanical systems

In response to extreme conditions, we develop our own treatments to create high performance products.

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