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Hydraulic accessories belt tensioner roller (automotive)

NTN Hydraulic accessories belt tensioner roller (automotive)

NTN-SNR has created a hydraulic accessories belt tensioner roller with a variable shock-absorption mechanism for engines using the ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) Stop & Start function. This new solution, which allows for varied shock absorption using a dual-oil-passage, automatically adjusts the tension idler’s tension level to optimum settings which respond to the engine’s running conditions. Conventional tension idlers are unable to do this.

The NTN-SNR automatic tensioner with variable damping mechanism provides major improvements:

  • a significant drop in fuel consumption and CO2 reductions as a result of reduced friction at constant speed.
  • an increase in the useful life of the auxiliary components as a result of the constantly adjusting belt tension.
  • reliability guaranteed to be identical to the current systems.

Diagnosis tools for preventive maintenance (industry)

NTN-SNR is committed to developing innovative solutions for the diagnosis of rotating machinery. We have developed sensors, enclosures and electronic software for preventive maintenance that monitor a full fleet of production machines and detect their signs of weaknesses. What are the advantages?

  • Reduced instrumentation costs
  • Easy integration to the existing equipment of operators
  • 100% integration to a new OEM product under development
NTN Diagnosis tools for preventive maintenance (industry)

Tunnel effect magneto-resistance (TMR)

NTNTunneleffectmagneto resistance(TMR)

Developed in partnership with Sensitec, TMR is a new generation of magneto-resistance following in the footsteps of AMR and GMR. NTN-SNR has introduced a new sensing unit into the sensors, allowing better detection:

  • high precision
  • low energy consumption
  • higher airgap tolerances

Cage with inverse positioning of tapered rollers (automotive)

NTN-SNR can offer a new type of cage with reverse positioning of tapered roller collars for gearbox applications or wheel bearings. This tapered bearing architecture, called reverse architecture, offers several advantages:

  • reduction of frictional losses
  • improved service life in low lubrication conditions
  • reduced axial dimensions
  • better discharge of thermal units

In the case of tapered unit wheel bearings, the risk of losing the wheel through an internal seizure is strongly reduced.

dernieres innovations ntn snr rouleaux coniques inverses  n

New generation spacers (machine tool)

dernieres innovations ntn snr entretoise nouvelle generation  n

In order to combine rotational speed requirements and increased reliability for machine tool applications, NTN-SNR offers a new generation spacer. Its design allows:

  • an ideal air flow
  • reduced consumption of fresh air
  • less noise
  • more homogeneous temperatures
  • the ability to run faster

Lightweight bearings (robotics)

In the field of robotics applications, NTN innovates by offering bearings that are optimized for cheaper and faster cobots:

  • up to 60% lighter
  • increased useful mass of a robot by 10% to 30%
  • overall downsizing

The maximum benefit is achieved when control of the cobot is made using a camera and NTN-SNR bearings incorporate the measurement of the position of each joint.

dernieres innovations ntn snr roulements alleges  n

Protected spherical roller bearings

dernieres innovations ntn snr roulements rotules rouleaux proteges  n

Until now, using a spherical bearing in applications with polluted environments required a choice to be made between either:

  • an open bearing, but one able to rotate fast and at high temperatures
  • a sealed bearing, which was wider and limited in terms of speed and temperature.

NTN offers a compromise: a spherical bearing protected from external particles, but able to rotate faster without needing to be wider.
Other benefits: substantial cost reduction and fewer maintenance operations.

Hybrid bearings (aerospace)

NTN-SNR is heavily involved in aerospace applications. Its hybrid bearings provide solutions that offer:

  • weight savings
  • reduction of centrifugal force
  • better resistance to the environment
  • good behaviour in the absence of lubrication
  • reduction in dissipated energy
  • increase in rotational speed

To ensure robustness and reliability of the hybrid bearing, NTN-SNR focuses on materials, non-destructive testing (NDT) and performance.

dernieres innovations ntn snr roulements hybrides  n

High-speed tapered roller bearings (aerospace)

dernieres innovations ntn snr roulements rouleaux coniques haute vitesse  n

NTN-SNR has developed high-speed tapered roller bearing solutions for engines and transmissions in aerospace applications. These bearings are associated with designs that are more resistant to oil loss.

Wheel bearings (automotive)

NTN-SNR supports car manufacturers to prepare for the future and make cleaner cars. The 208 Hybrid FE prototype from PSA and the Eolab prototype from Renault can display record consumption of 2l/100 km and 1l/100km. They are fitted with NTN-SNR wheel and transmission bearings.

Technological innovations implemented by NTN-SNR have resulted in:

  • weight savings
  • reduction of frictional losses
  • reduction of emissions from 1.1 to 2.8 g of CO2/km
NTN Wheel bearings (automotive)

Gearbox actuator (automotive)

NTN Gearbox actuator (automotive)

Cars offer increasingly complex features. This evolution in automotive applications requires components that incorporate more and more functions.

To support this trend, NTN-SNR has developed, among other systems, a gearbox actuator equipped with ball screws, an absolute position sensor (true power-on), electronics and control software.

This solution results in:

  • extremely precise positioning
  • a very compact system
  • reduction of frictional losses

In-wheel motor for the E-WAZUMA (electric vehicle)

Looking to the future of the automobile, NTN-SNR has developed an electric traction motor housed in the wheel. Of particular interest for small electric cars and hybrid utility vehicles, there are various advantages to this wheel motor:

  • freeing up of space in the chassis
  • optimisation of the vehicle dynamic behaviour
  • easier integration of the electric traction chain
  • unrivalled compactness by using a cycloid type gearbox
  • conservation of the conventional braking system

E-Wazuma is a demonstration prototype, produced in collaboration with Lazareth (Annecy, France), who specialise in recreational, unique and extraordinary vehicles.

NTNIn wheelmotorfortheE WAZUMA(electricvehicle)

Open rotor bearing (aerospace)

NTN Open rotor bearing (aerospace)

NTN-SNR is working on solutions intended for the next generation of more environmentally friendly aircraft engines. We have developed, among others, open rotor bearings under the CLEANSKY project. These integrated bearings provide solutions to meet the technical challenges of these new engines.

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