various integration choices
various integration choices
Sensors and magnetic rings

Our mechatronic expertise provides you position and speed measurement that intelligently fits into your system.

NTN sensors: magnetic measurement close to the movement

NTN sensors

NTN offers sensors that can be integrated into your systems, combining skills in electronics with expertise in mechanical movement.

The result are sensors that have:

  • high resolution
  • small footprint
  • precision of the measurement
  • reliability in extreme environments
  • customizable features to suit your needs

NTN, a brand for reliable mechatronics

From the invention of the instrumented ASB® bearing to the development of 'by-wire’ actuators, NTN has become the go-to mechatronics partner for the automotive industry.

This foundation, coupled with a mastery of magnetic measurements means we can provide you with solutions to solve both your electronic as well as your mechanical integration needs.


Focus on our range of sensors and magnetic rings

NTN Sensors

Unpackaged magnetic sensors: tailor them to your needs

PMS P-ABL is a programmable integrated circuit that adapts to any requirements you have for incremental measurements and pseudo absolute measurements:

  • polar lengths and programmable interpolation factor
  • AECQ100 qualified
Unpackaged Magnetic Sensor
Magnetic Rings

Magnetic rings: automotive robustness within your reach

Magnetic rings provides information to measure speed and position through a series of magnetic poles around its circumference.
The NTN range includes:

  • single track for incremental measurements
  • dual track with reference pulse signal for pseudo absolute measurement, or vernier calipers for absolute measurement
  • tailor-made for specific integration or innovative magnetic patterns

Tube style sensor: easy assembly

Tube style sensor provides a high resolution measurement to be taken from within a compact and robust body, which is suitable for all applications:

  • TTS INC: high-resolution incremental measurements for hydraulic environments
  • TTS P-ABL: incremental or pseudo-absolute measurements for industrial environments
  • TTS ABL: absolute measurements from the point at which the encoders are activated: 13 to 17 bits (encoder diameter of Ø 37.5 or Ø 78.5)
Tube Style Sensor
Ball Bearing Sensor

Ball bearing sensor: for measurements in confined spaces

NTN integrates the measurement directly into your equipment. With minimum space and ease of installation; no adjustment of the position of the sensor is necessary.

  • BBS INC: the industry standard
  • BBS P-ABL: high resolution with reference signals
  • BBS ABL: absolute measurements at true power on
Linear rail sensors: enjoy unrestricted movement

NTN integrates a position measurement directly into your linear rail (LGS P-ABL). This solution provides:

  • high precision
  • wireless transmission of the signal, no need for cables
  • strong performance in adverse environments
Linear Rail Sensor

For reasons of precision, lack of space or ease of integration, commercial encoders are not suitable for many applications.

In order to meet your needs, our research and development teams adapt and design solutions to best suit you:

  • development of TMR sensor, for high resolution at low speeds for off road vehicles
  • complete integration of sensors and magnetic rings in autonomous vehicles
  • additional seal for hydraulic motor applications
  • through shaft bearing sensor for robotic applications

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