of automotive bearing assembly lines
of automotive bearing assembly lines
NTN assembly line audit

Doing an audit of your lines of automotive bearings with NTN decreases costs and increases the satisfaction of your customers.


Why commission NTN to carry out an audit of automotive bearing assembly lines?

Have you correctly installed your bearings? Benefit from the technical expertise of NTN in automotive bearings and mechanical sets to limit the risk of bad assembly on your production lines.

Preservation of your brand image

Mounting defects always have an impact on your brand image. Auditing your methods is a guarantee against premature wear related to a bad installation.

Gains in your mounting process

An adapted mounting operation is more efficient and therefore more economical. We therefore audit:

  • assembly lines for new products
  • already operating assembly lines

This second type of audit allows derivatives to be corrected which could have existed since the start, or have been installed over time.

Gains on your purchases of bearings

An incorrect installation causes premature failure of bearings. An audit of the assembly lines of automotive bearings can avoid warranty returns which generate repair costs: cost of dismantling, cost of bearings, fees to handle returned goods under guarantee.

Optimization of the productivity of your assembly line

Well mounted bearings allow your assembly lines to operate optimally throughout their lifetime and to avoid sudden stops.

NTN audit of assembly lines

We can carry out 2 types of audits: audits of assembly lines for bearings and audits of production lines for ball bearings. We follow a rigorous method:

  • acknowledgement of your procedures to completely understand the context
  • audit of the line item by item (from the stage of receiving the bearings to the end of the operations related to the bearings)
  • review of your process, the methods used, state of the environment and cleanliness, the conditions for handling and transport
  • immediate notification of weak points that have been identified
  • final evaluation, taking into account every weak point
  • corrective recommendations regarding means and methods of assembly

We also support our clients in the implementation of recommendations as well as providing expertise in defective products.


Would you like to improve efficiency and your brand image?