for linear guides
for linear guides
NTN splined shafts

Choose the quality production of NTN-SNR splined shafts: their ultra-precise linear guiding has many industrial applications.

NTN splined shafts

Splined shafts form part of the range of linear motion. They are usually fitted in high-precision machines for simultaneous linear and rotary movements.

They have many advantages:

  • excellent value for the money
  • safety, guaranteed by comprehensive functional reviews
  • can be used in difficult conditions thanks to various coatings

Our long experience in different areas of mechanical engineering guarantees solutions that are customised to your needs.

  • nuts of different shapes and lengths (from 4 to 100mm)
  • increased rigidity and load capacity.
  • length of shaft up to 2m
  • solid and hollow shafts
  • different accuracy and preload categories
  • various coatings available to withstand extreme conditions
  • possibility of machining according to customer requirements

In addition to a reduction in weight, hollow shafts can act as conduits for power cables.

Splined shafts

Splined shafts are used in special machines and general engineering:

  • automated assembly and production lines
  • packaging machines
  • presses
  • semiconductor industry
  • medical technology
  • etc.



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