NTN spherical roller bearings

NTN spherical roller bearings meet all applications with high radial loads. They accept shaft deflections and misalignment between the shaft and housing.

High-performance bearings
  • load capacity increased by optimisation of the contact surfaces and the quality of steel,
  • sheet metal cages that are processed to increase their resistance and allow better contact with the rollers,
  • increased operating speeds with improved kinematics,
  • dimensional stability up to 200°C due to suitable thermal treatment.
Reduction in the LCC (Life Cycle Cost)
  • improved kinematics results in a lowering of the bearing torque and lowers the operating temperature and power consumed.
  • the useful life is increased thanks to the exceptional endurance of ULTAGE® bearings.
  • the intervals between maintenance periods are significantly lengthened. Less frequent maintenance operations significantly improve the usage rate of the equipment and therefore their productivity.
Resistance to difficult environments
  • shock and vibration: solid cages
  • high levels of vibration: EF800 range
  • pollution: Sealed series

ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings demonstrate their performance on a daily basis in the most demanding of applications.

ULTAGE® spherical roller bearing range


ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings offer exceptional performance. By their design and their manufacturing process, they demonstrate  reliability and are used as a benchmark in the following markets: 

ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings
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