NTN spherical roller bearings

NTN spherical roller bearings meet all applications with high radial loads. They accept shaft deflections and misalignment between the shaft and housing.


The first spherical roller bearings with metal shields are now available with the KIZEI® bearing range. This innovative solution created by NTN-SNR is easy to use and offers production output and equipment reliability optimization, while reducing maintenance costs.

KIZEI®, the viable alternative for dirty environments


Advantages offered by KIZEI®
  • Protection against external solid contamination thanks to metallic shields
  • Improved lubrication due to better grease retention inside the bearing
  • Longer bearing life time compared to standard open bearing
  • ISO dimensions – 100% interchangeable with standard open bearing
Premium characteristics
  • ULTAGE load ratings and speeds
  • Nitrided steel cage and shields for better shock resistance
  • Wide working temperature range (-40°C up to +200°C)
  • Initial lubrication process similar to open spherical roller bearing (bearing delivered without grease) – Reduced in service lubrication frequency
  • Similar misalignment to open spherical roller bearing – Possible internal inspection to facilitate maintenance
  • Mounting elements and procedures are identical to that of a standard bearing – For tapered bore, internal clearance checking is possible after mounting.
KIZEI Bearings

High-performance bearings
  • load capacity increased by optimisation of the contact surfaces and the quality of steel,
  • sheet metal cages that are processed to increase their resistance and allow better contact with the rollers,
  • increased operating speeds with improved kinematics,
  • dimensional stability up to 200°C due to suitable thermal treatment.
Reduction in the LCC (Life Cycle Cost)
  • improved kinematics results in a lowering of the bearing torque and lowers the operating temperature and power consumed.
  • the useful life is increased thanks to the exceptional endurance of ULTAGE® bearings.
  • the intervals between maintenance periods are significantly lengthened. Less frequent maintenance operations significantly improve the usage rate of the equipment and therefore their productivity.
Resistance to difficult environments
  • shock and vibration: solid cages
  • high levels of vibration: EF800 range
  • pollution: Sealed series

ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings demonstrate their performance on a daily basis in the most demanding of applications.

ULTAGE® spherical roller bearing range


ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings offer exceptional performance. By their design and their manufacturing process, they demonstrate  reliability and are used as a benchmark in the following markets: 

ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings
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