NTN mounted units and pillow blocks

Regardless of your industry type, NTN offer a diverse series of mounted bearing units to fit your application.



Bower® Type E Bearing Units

The Bower Type E bearing unit is one-piece sturdy cast iron housing with elongated mounting slots featuring a spherical roller bearing insert that allows for +/- 2 degrees of misalignment. Bower Type E units also feature a set screw locking collar, machined brass retainer, double-lip heavy contact seal with metal shield, and an extended inner ring. Bower Type E units are available in sizes ranging from 1 7/16” to 4 15/16” pillow blocks and either 2-bolt or 4-bolt configurations.

NTN's Bower Type E units have been proven to provide superior performance in demanding industries such as aggregate, wood processing, mining, cement, steel, water treatment, and construction.

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SPAW/SPW Mounted Roller Bearing Units

Mixed bearings by NTN

NTN provides several heavy-duty mounted units designed specifically to accommodate the rigors of applications within construction, mining, and other large-scale equipment applications. NTN’s two-part bearing housings, such as those found in the SAF series, offer a heavy-duty solution that simplifies mounting of maintenance of the units. Combined with precision-made, self-aligning roller bearings, these units offer significant benefits in terms of service life and running behavior. With a variety of sealing systems available, the two-part bearing-housing set-up provides a versatile, modular approach to mounted-unit design, offering technically and economically viable solutions for almost any application.

Where sealing is paramount in heavy-duty applications, NTN also offers a sealed-unit approach that provides even more protection than that found with the two-part series. Series such as the SPW and SFCW product lines feature a sealed spherical bearing that offers corrosion protection in these environments. The single-piece housing offers solid composition, which ensures excellent mechanical integrity and shock stability.

ULTAGE Premium SAFD Split Pillow Blocks

NTN ULTAGE® SAFD ductile iron pillow block housings have been designed to provide superior performance in a variety of demanding applications. Optimized to ensure premium bearings operate to their full potential, these split housings offer flexibility for the designer, as well as, improved reliability for the maintenance professional. These rugged, ductile iron pillow blocks have a higher tensile strength and better elasticity than cast iron. Built to perform in the most demanding applications, ULTAGE SAFD can withstand the high load, shock, and contamination associated with the toughest industrial conditions. They are also well suited for extremely cold temperatures.

Typical Industries and Applications

ULTAGE premium SAFD split pillow blocks can be used in mining, aggregate and cement, metal processing, forest products, water management, and air handling. Common applications may include conveyors, roll out tables, metal recyclers, and industrial fans and blowers. Thanks to the upper body belt design, NTN ULTAGE SAFD housings have a particularly high stability and rigidity. The enhanced design increases the dimensional stability of the bearing seat under heavy loads and helps optimize vibration behavior.

NTN SAFD boxhead

Ultra-Class™ Series


NTN’s Ultra-Class™ mounted unit line is the original solid base offering in our mounted bearing unit portfolio. It symbolizes our commitment to performance and reliability.

Featuring NTN’s exclusive ball-point set screw design, the Ultra-Class™ black-oxide plated insert provides 120° screw orientation to provide superior alignment and centering, compared to typical 90° configurations. The semi-retractable, ball-point mechanism means excellent tightening torque characteristics without damage to the shaft-mounting surface.

Protection in both wet and dry particle environments is paramount when selecting a mounted unit solution, and the Ultra-Class™ series is up to the task, allowing for usage even in food-grade environments. Using a combined elastomeric seal in tandem with NTN’s outer flinger design, each mounted unit exhibits a fan-like mechanism that keeps particles from getting near the inner ball bearing and raceways.

Green Line Bearing Units

The reliable performance and durable construction of NTN’s Green Lines Series bearing units makes them a smart solution for practically all types of common applications. Green Line bearing units’ unmatched selection of housing styles, insert types as standard makes it NTN’s tried and true Mounted Ball Bearing Unit Series.

Green Line units are available in both metric and inch shaft sizes throughout our set screw, eccentric, and adapter sleeve inserts. With bore sizes range from ½” to 4”, the Green Line is a highly versatile and industry interchangeable product line. The cast iron bearing housing is designed to provide maximum strength in even the toughest applications. With this strength, the ability to allow for misalignment of +/- 2° and relubrication capability, you just can’t go wrong.

Green Line units also feature double-sealing construction comprised of an oil-resistant rubber seal and a flinger. The double sealing construction boasts a sealing performance that is much more reliable than standard seals since the ingress path for dust is long, and because excess grease, which purges between the seal and the flinger when the bearing is in operation, serves as a seal.

Green Line Features & Benefits

  • Optimized lubrication hole design to ensure proper relubrication is achieved, even under the misalignment capability of +/2°
  • Fully assembled units arrive factory sealed and pre-lubricated for easy installation
  • Premium protection from contaminants due to unique flinger design and elastomeric seal
  • Heavy-duty, solid-cast housings & robust steel cages for optimal load & shock stability
  • Ball-point set screw offers 7.5x longer retention life over cup-point set screws

The NTN Advantage: Solid Lubrication

Solid lubrication is a maintenance-free solution that eliminates greasing requirements and significantly improves life in harsh wash-down applications.

  • NSF H1 compliant
  • 21X the grease washout resistance
  • Zero grease leakage
  • Zero re-lubrication
various Green Line bearings in mounts and pillow blocks

Sentinel™ Series


NTN's Sentinel Series is a premium line of stainless steel bearings and bearing units featuring food-grade solid lube with covers. The Sentinel line is designed for maintenance-free, washdown-resistant product lines in food and beverage applications. NTN's flagship line is designed specifically to decrease downtime and increase profitability.

All Sentinel Series products have 100% stainless steel inserts and ball bearings filled with H1 food-grade solid lube. The Sentinel line requires no maintenance for the life of the bearing- simply install and start saving time and money.

Food-grade solid lube is a polymer impregnated with H1 food-safe oil, which helps prevent lubricant washout. Oil is stored in a porous solid material that acts like a sponge and releases the necessary base oil to lubricated the components as it rotates. The entirety of the Sentinel Series line come standard with protective covers (caps) for units that provide additional protection against contaminants and moisture, while adding additional safety for maintenance personnel.

The Sentinel Series offers both stainless steel housings and thermoplastic housings.

Corrosion Resistant Series

The NTN Stainless Steel and Thermoplastic series of mounted units offer optimum performance for food-grade and related environments, with a strong focus on protection from oxidation, mold, bacteria, and chemical cleaning agents. Mounted-unit inserts have a stainless steel composition designed to withstand the aggressive cleaning and corrosive environments found within the food-processing industry.

The Corrosion Resistant series offers similar solid-base construction to the NTN Ultra-Class™ line, meaning excellent mount stability and impact resistance. Mounted-unit solutions are available in a wide array of configurations, including pillow block and two- or four-bolt flange styles. Protective endcaps can be ordered for additional protection, and are available in both Stainless Steel and Thermoplastic configurations.

Corrosion Resistant units feature USDA H1 grade grease, as well as a stainless steel bearing-unit insert composition that offers exceptional humidity resistance. NTN also offers solid-grade equivalent greases for higher temperature applications.

Mixed bearings by NTN
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