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for bearings
NTN maintenance tools

Maintenance tools for NTN-SNR bearings allows you to maximize the service life of your bearings and the productivity of your facilities.

NTN-SNR has developed a range of tools dedicated to the hot and cold mounting of bearings. It reduces the risk of damage to bearings and increases their service life.

NTN kit for cold mounting
Kit for cold mounting
  • Mounting kit: this mounting kit contains all the quality sleeves necessary for mounting the bearing in the normal way and completely safely.
  • Assembly paste: this assembly paste is essential for mounting the bearings. It prevents rusting where contact is made between two metal surfaces.
  • Adjustable spanners: hook spanners or pin spanners allow the mounting of nuts of type KM, KML, KMK and precision locknuts of type B, TB, BR, and TBR.
Kit for hot mounting

With hot mounting, induction heating appliances ensure simple, quick and safe use.

The choice of induction heating appliance depends on the minimum and maximum weight of the parts to be heated; the geometric dimensions of the parts to be heated; the temperature to be reached; the power and voltage available in the workshop.

The following is intended as a guide:

  • TOOL FAST THERM 20: portable device, suitable for parts up to 40kg
  • TOOL FAST THERM 35: our Best Seller, suitable for parts up to 70kg
  • TOOL FAST THERM 150: compact, for parts up to 150kg
  • TOOL FAST THERM 300: mobile device, for parts up to 300kg
  • TOOL FAST THERM 700: robust, suitable for parts up to 700kg
  • TOOLFAST THERM 1200: powerful, suitable for parts up to 1200kg
NTN hot mounting kit

Our pullers and pulling plates safely facilitate the disassembly of bearings.

NTN pullers and pulling plates
Kits for internal gripping of the bore

These allow the disassembly of bearings ranging from 5 to 100mm, mounted tightly in housing. We offer you an ideal range of strong pullers with rods suitable for extraction via the bore.

Puller kit for deep-groove ball bearings

The BBPS 10-100 is suitable for disassembling bearings ranging from a bore of 10 to 100mm, fitted in blind housings.

Self-centring mechanical pullers with two or three claws

This group of pullers enables the disassembly of small and medium-sized bearings ranging from external maximum diameters of 120 to 270mm.

  • SCMP 2/3-120: for a maximum reach of 120mm
  • SCMP 2/3-180: for a maximum reach of 180mm
  • SCMP 2/3-270: for a maximum reach of 270mm

Self-centring hydraulic pullers with two or three claws

These pullers are suitable for the disassembly of large bearings and force-fitted parts (pulleys and gearwheels) with a maximum external diameter of 325 to 680mm.

  • SCHP 4 TONS: a capacity of 4 tonnes and a maximum reach of 325mm
  • SCHP 12 TONS: a capacity of 12 tonnes and a maximum reach of 485mm
  • SCHP 20 TONS: a capacity of 20 tonnes and a maximum reach of 570mm
  • SCHP 30 TONS: a capacity of 30 tonnes and a maximum reach of 680mm

3-in-1 hydraulic puller

The Push-Puller 8/12 Tons is suitable for both the mounting and disassembly of bearings and sleeves, through internal or external pulling This allows various maintenance jobs to be carried out without the need for additional equipment.

Universal 3-blade pulling plate

Used in conjunction with a mechanical or hydraulic puller, universal pulling plates enable the disassembly of bearings when there is insufficient grip.

  • BP3S 26-160 Tri-section back puller: for shaft diameters of 26 to 160mm
  • BP3S 50-210 Tri-section back puller: for shaft diameters of 50 to 210mm
  • BP3S 90-340 Tri-section back puller: for shaft diameters of 90 to 340mm
  • BP3S 140-495 Tri-section back puller: for shaft diameters of 140 to 495mm

2-in-1 Separation and Puller Kit

The BPES 10-105 enables the separation and removal of bearings through internal or external pulling.

Accessories Kit

The accessories kit is a complementary tool to the hydraulic claw puller (where there is insufficient grip). The bevelled blades enable disassembly and prevent damage to the shaft length.

  • AS-SCHP 4T/ acc set hyd puller: for shafts of 25 to 110mm
  • AS-SCHP 12T/ acc set hyd puller: for shafts of 85 to 225mm


This type of tool is essential for the mounting and disassembly of spherical roller bearings with a tapered bore.

Tools for hyraulic mounting and dissassembly
Hydraulic nuts

Our range of hydraulic nuts are suitable for shafts of 50 to 1000mm in diameter. Necessary for shaft diameters beyond a particular size, they provide perfect control of the adjustment when mounting; they limit manual effort; they reduce time spent on the operation.

The "Back and Forth" technology used in our range offers great convenience as the piston is automatically recalled into its original position.

Watch our tutorials on hydraulic nuts:

Pulling of withdrawal sleeve with hydraulic nut
Dismantling by oil pressure
Mounting with hydraulic nut
Mounting of withdrawal sleeve with hydraulic nut

Hydraulic pumps

Ultra-lightweight and compact, the hydraulic pumps are designed to be used with hydraulic nuts. Less effort and increased safety.

  • PUMP SET 700B-0.3L for nuts ≤ HMV 54 EBF
  • PUMP SET 700B-0.9L for nuts ≤ HMV 92 EBF

We recommend that you use NTN-SNR hydraulic oil. It contains corrosion inhibitors that do not attack sealing materials such as Nitrile.


Extensions tubes and adapters

Connected directly to the sleeve, extension tubes enable the high-pressure injection of oil into sleeves or shafts with slightly thicker walls. The adapter allows you to connect the tube to the hydraulic fitting (not supplied with the adapter).

NTN-SNR safety and measuring instruments facilitate handling and monitoring.

NTN Safety and measuring instruments
Laser Temp 301

This infrared thermometer with laser sight enables an initial diagnosis of the functioning of the machine to be carried out, thanks to an accurate and completely safe measurement of the temperature, whether remotely or directly.

Set of feeler gauges

A set of calibrated feeler gauges, enables a quick and accurate measurement of the radial clearance, particularly suitable for spherical and cylindrical roller bearings. It consists of 17 gauges and available in 3 blade lengths: 100mm, 150mm and 300mm.

Heat-resistant gloves

Heat-resistant gloves allow completely safe handling of hot and oily parts up to a temperature of +350°C.