the professional range from NTN-SNR
the professional range from NTN-SNR
NTN lubrication

Extend the useful life of your bearings with our comprehensive range of lubricants and lubrication systems adapted to every application.

Our solutions are easy to implement and use.

Choosing the NTN-SNR lubrication range guarantees the useful life of bearings and optimization of costs. Our lubricants are selected for your various applications, as well as providing the means to reliably distribute the correct volume required for each mechanical body.


Our greases and oils have been specially developed to meet each of our applications. They benefit you over the useful life of the bearings. Our lubricants are available in different packages depending on the model:

  • 400g cartridge
  • 1kg box
  • 5kg or 23kg bucket
  • 50kg or 190kg barrel
  • single-point lubricators (ready/drive/smart) and multi-point lubricators


  • UNIVERSAL: general use grease for the industry and automotive applicationsUNIVERSAL grease is available in different packages. The UNIVERSAL+ version is designed for usage in the multi-point lubricators.
  • HEAVY DUTY: premium grease for intensive use in heavy industryHEAVY DUTY grease is available in different packages. The HEAVY DUTY+ version is designed for usage in single-point lubricators.
  • VIB: grease for parts subject to major shocks or vibrationsVIB grease is available in different packages, including for single-point lubricators.
  • HIGH TEMP: ideal grease for long-lasting lubrication and under high temperaturesHIGH TEMP grease is available in different packages, including for single-point lubricators.
  • ULTRA HIGH TEMP: grease for long-lasting lubrication, and for any type of bearing subjected to extreme temperaturesULTRA HIGH TEMP is only available in 800g cartridges.
  • FOOD AL: multi-use grease for the food and pharmaceutical industry. This type of grease is available in different packages. The FOOD version is designed for usage in the multi-point lubricators. FOOD and FOOD AL are compliant with NSF-H1 recommendations (National Sanitation Foundation /H1: occasional contact with food) and can be used where accidental contact with food is technically possible.
  • HIGH SPEED+: low temperature grease for very high speedsHIGH SPEED is only available in 1kg boxes.
NTN greases


  • CHAIN OIL: synthetic oil designed for industry, for the lubrication of all types of channels (including those working in high temperature environments). CHAIN OIL is only intended for use in single-point lubricators (Ready/Smart/Drive).
  • FOOD CHAIN OIL: synthetic oil for the food and pharmaceutical industries, compliant with NSF-H1 recommendations (National Sanitation Foundation /H1: occasional contact with food). FOOD CHAIN OIL is intended to be used only in single-point lubricators (Ready/Smart/Drive).

NTN oils

The range of single-point self-lubricators ensures continuous, reliable, clean and extremely precise lubrication. Easily integrable in different types of applications (mechanical and automotive industries, steel mills, paper mills, etc.), single-point self-lubricators result in an optimized lubrication function, without the need to modify your facilities.

NTN-SNR offers 3 types of single-point lubricators: Drive, Ready and Smart.
Each responds to different applications: humid environments, variations in temperature, situations requiring a specific dose, either remotely or physically at the point to be lubricated.

  • READY BOOSTER (size 60 or 125cc): the READY BOOSTER lubricator is the ideal economic solution for difficult, humid or explosive environments, or those environments exposed to corrosion or requiring maximum levels of hygiene. The length of time for distribution of the grease is adjustable from 1 to 12 months very simply, via an activation wheel.
  • SMART BOOSTER (size 125cc): the SMART BOOSTER lubricator is intended for explosive atmospheres where there are strong variations in temperature. It is the first electrochemical self-lubricator that is equipped with a reusable control unit. The length of time for distribution is very easy to adjust to the closest month (from 1 to 12 months) by means of simple manual pressure on the control unit.
  • DRIVE BOOSTER (size 120 or 250cc): the DRIVE BOOSTER solves lubrication needs in dangerous or difficult to access areas, which are subject to severe vibrations or high ambient temperatures.. It is a tool that is powerful, fast and easy to programme (usage period of 1 to 12 months, modifiable and can be stopped at any time), which allows extremely precise lubrication that is independent of the temperature and ambient pressure, and which has a high operating reliability.
NTNsingle pointself lubricators

NTNmulti pointself lubricators

NTN-SNR has worked with POLIPUMP to develop a high-performance, cost-effective and easy to use multi-point lubrication solution. Installed in only 4 steps (no technical skills required), the POLIPUMP enables really simple lubrication from 1 to 35 points (depending on the model) and at a distance of up to 20 metres.

Technical Assistance

In France and Benelux, NTN-SNR offers technical assistance from an expert in lubrication to ensure the optimal operation of your systems:

  • a precise analysis of your technical specifications
  • drafting of a detailed technical offer for the reconstruction of machinery operations or realisation of new equipment
  • advice on the choice of lubrication system to best suit your maintenance needs
  • provision of a very wide selection of top-of-the-range lubrication systems, starting with single-point lubricators, and going through to an automated lubrication system
  • support through to the commissioning stage, and then throughout operations
NTN Technical assistance
For a tailor-made solution,