a solution for every need
a solution for every need
NTN bearing housings

Discover NTN-SNR bearing housings, a leader in the bearing industry. Appreciate our varied and comprehensive ranges, equipped with our bearings.

Our bearing housings are fitted with NTN-SNR bearings. They guarantee the perfect and safe operation of a wide range of machines in the industrial sector.

NTN SNRbearinghousings

The range of NTN-SNR bearing housings increases operating safety and improves the ease of the operation of your equipment. Rigidity, stability, improved heat distribution, increased service life of your bearings and longer maintenance intervals... These are the basic criteria that we take into account in our solutions.

Our response is tailored to suit the operating conditions, for example, limiting factors such as:

  • rotational speed
  • type of loads
  • the need for precision operation
  • significant operating temperatures
  • pollution in the working environment
  • maintenance constraints
  • installation of monitoring units

The wide number of options in the NTN-SNR bearing housing ranges makes it possible to find a solution for every application. We can offer you:

  • different types of bearing housings: single- or two-piece housings suitable for single or multiple bearings
  • materials suitable for the application: grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, special materials
  • wide size range for shaft diameters: from 20mm to 480mm
  • 2 types of lubrication: grease or oil
  • different types of bearings in bearing housings: spherical roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, special bearings
  • a range of sealing systems for a choice that is best suited to the operating environment: double-lip seals, V-ring seals, felt strip seals, labyrinth seals, Taconite seals

The choice of the combination of housing/bearing assembly components will depend on the application, where it is installed, and the operating conditions.

Various Bearing Housings

Plummer blocks

Plummer blocks in 2 pieces meet all the normal requirements for supporting a bearing on a shaft.

  • SNC for shaft diameters from 20 to 140mm (and SNCD500 where a higher load capacity is required)
  • SCND large housings for shaft diameters from 150mm to 480mm
Plummer blocks by NTN
NTN Bearing housings for multiple bearings

Bearing housings for multiple bearings

Bearing housings for multiple bearings ZLG for 2 bearings or DLG for 3 bearings. They can be configured in a variety of ways accommodating various combinations of bearings. These one-piece housings are designed for use with high operating speeds and/or heavy loads.

Plummer blocks for oil

Plummer blocks incorporating spherical roller bearings with a cylindrical bore are capable of running at higher speeds when lubricated with oil.

  • SNOE for shaft diameters 70-260mm
  • SNOL for shaft diameters 60-140mm
NTN Plummer blocks for oil
NTN Multiple bearing housings

Multiple bearing housings

This series of single-piece housing  is used for the installation of two or more bearings, is specifically designed for applications involving particularly high speed operation and/or heavy loads.

Bearing housings for multiple bearings can be configured in a variety of ways due to the various combinations of bearings.

  • ZLOE is installed with 2 bearings
  • DLOE with 3 or more

Flanged housing 722500

Flanged housings 722500 are used for mounting spherical roller or deep groove ball bearings with adapter sleeves.


NTN TVN range for wagons

TVN range for wagons

TVN housings are compact and designed to be a one-piece cast iron housing. They are specifically developed to be used as axle-boxes to be used on wagons and kiln cars (hot, wet or dry environments).

When operating under normal temperature conditions, the bearings can be equipped with standard deep groove ball bearings or spherical roller bearings.

For very high temperatures applications use our F600 series of bearings.

SNOE oil lubricated plummer blocks: the right choice for industrial fans

Bearings for industrial fans are generally subject to high loads. Bearing assemblies operate under extreme conditions, at the limit of the bearing’s capabilities, whilst still operating in a safe, and virtually maintenance-free manner with a long service life.

NTN SNOE oil lubricated plummer blocks
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