Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility

At NTN, corporate social responsibility refers to our commitment to operate our businesses in an honorable and ethical manner along with our efforts to bring comfort, inspiration, and opportunity to people around the world.


Corporate Social Responsibility


NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada has engaged in a corporate social responsibility (CSR) process aimed at operating responsibly and sustainably and being a model of good corporate citizenship. Concretely, this means we seek to integrate practices that improve the environmental and social impacts of our operations, while ensuring the Corporation’s continued development.

The NTN Spirit Tree is a philosophy that shapes our commitment to a sustainable future. Our corporate philosophy—“We shall contribute to international society through creating new technologies and developing new products”—influences and infuses everything we do: research and development of our products; relationships with our customers and our colleagues; and resources for our community and environmental initiatives.

NTN corporate social responsibility

A CSR policy for the future


NTN is looking to the future and is committed to sustainable development:

Social engagement

To encourage access to employment and development in the workplace, to tackle all forms of discrimination (age, sex, education etc.), as well as to transfer knowledge and skills in line with NTN values.

Societal commitment

The desire of NTN to become involved in the local community. Through partnership activities (visits to our premises from schools, etc.) and patronage (sponsorship, sports events, etc.) NTN is resolutely looking to the future and enabling positive changes around the world and in our neighborhoods.

Ethical commitment

This relates to NTN principles and values and helps satisfy requirements linked to the expectations of our partners and ever increasing risks.

Responsible Purchasing Policy

This is based on collaborative and responsible values on a human, ethical and environmental level.

Sustainable Development

Our policy is witness to a strong commitment to:

  • reduce the impact on the environment from our activities and our products
  • the relationship of trust with our stakeholders

NTN’s Report on CSR

To learn more about NTN’s objectives, initiatives and performance in the areas of corporate social responsibility, please consult the NTN Report. (pdf)

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