for light vehicles
for light vehicles
NTN driveline spare parts

For the replacement of your gearbox bearings and your clutch release bearings, we provide you with the same standard of quality as the parts supplied to vehicle manufacturers.

NTN driveline

Gearbox bearings and clutch release bearings are critical for the good operation of the transmission.

NTN-SNR develops the products and OE parts for vehicle manufacturers. For the Aftermarket parts, NTN-SNR guarantees:

  • an original equipment product, identical to the original
  • the same reliability as the original equipment
  • high level of durability
  • first-class performance
  • the ability to innovate and develop the products of the future
  • support from our technical support team (training, advice, expertise, etc.)

Our range of gearbox bearings in figures:
  • more than 300 original equipment references
  • covering nearly 200 different gearboxes, for European and Asian vehicles
NTN-SNR do not compromise on reliability

Transmissions do not tolerate poor quality components. They contain between 6 and 14 bearings, ensuring:

  • the positioning of the shafts in relation to the transmission casing
  • the rotation of the shafts in relation to the transmission casing
  • the synchronisation between shafts.
NTN gearbox bearings

Extremely reliable, NTN-SNR bearings are designed to:

  • ensures there is no backlash within the gearbox
  • function in harsh environments: high temperatures, oil pollution, high loads, shaft deflection due to fluctuations in engine torque, accommodate poor lubrication due to oil leakage from the gearbox, etc.
  • meet specific requirements such as load carrying capacity, performance, acoustics and precision of assembly, etc.

NTN clutch release bearings
Discover our range of clutch release bearings

With a long-association with the market, NTN-SNR has developed a range of clutch release bearings covering 11 vehicle manufacturers. 

The production volumes of clutch release bearings make NTN-SNR one of the largest manufacturers in the world.

Strict quality controls, which are in place throughout the manufacturing process, guarantee the quality of our clutch release bearings.

The technical specifications of our clutch release bearings
  • Special-purpose sheet steel is used as original equipment by car manufacturers
  • An angular contact bearing optimised for axial loads
  • polyamide cage suitable for frequent operation
  • seal designed to increase service life even in a polluted environment
  • Special grease specific for the application
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