NTN’s ULTAGE® SAFD Bearing Units Double Bearing Life on Dust Removal Fans

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NTN’s ULTAGE® SAFD Bearing Units Double Bearing Life on Dust Removal Fans

1 May 2023 - Toronto - Success Report - Products

A major producer of hot briquetted iron was experiencing insufficient bearing life on the dust removal fans used in its bag house. The company experienced multiple failures annually, with each failure costing them over $60,000. In total, the frequent failures were resulting in an annual cost of nearly $900,000 to maintain production.

NTN’s Engineering and Sales support team ran a comprehensive diagnosis of the fans and discovered the competitor’s bearings were failing due to housing fracture and bearing seizure as a result of the application conditions.

The NTN Solution

NTN’s team of experts recommended ULTAGE SAFD bearing units as a replacement for the competitor’s bearings. ULTAGE SAFD bearing units have ductile iron housings which have been proven to better withstand the high impact loads expected in this application. Additionally, NTN’s team recommended that the lubrication be switched from grease to oil to reduce rotational friction and heat, thus further extending replacement intervals.

The Result

NTN’s ULTAGE SAFD bearing units lasted for nine months, giving them double the life of the bearings previously used in the application! The increased uptime, decrease in annual maintenance, and the reduced acquisition cost resulted in $438,400 in annual cost savings for the customer.

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SAFD Premium Bearing Units Features & Benefits

  • Premium ductile iron housing to withstand high impact and extreme low temperature range
  • Serialized cap and base eliminate risk of mismatching components during installation, ensuring superior fit
  • Lubrication access points - plumb virtually any grease or oil system into the housing without costly modifications
  • Integrated flat spots for vibration and temperature monitoring
  • Grade 8 bolts provide superior strength to keep the cap and base secure
  • Exact machined ISO G7 tolerances with wide bearing seat to accommodate 22200 and 23200 series bearing inserts offers greater flexibility
  • Hardened steel ball allowing for quick and easy removal of the cap during inspections and general maintenance
  • Unique X-support reinforced housing design delivers ultimate strength in the most demanding applications

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