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NTN’s Technical Training Roadshow Receives Great Reviews from Bearing Endusers & Distributors



21 September 2022 - Toronto - Corporate - News

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In June 2022, NTN Canada launched its newly transformed Ultimate Bearing Experience Technical Training (UBE) program for Maintenance Staff, Technicians, and Engineers - moving away from traditional classroom-based learning  to a structure that focusses on mastering the competencies required at the plant level. Feedback from both bearing end-users and distributor team members has been very positive and encouraging. The program is geared to ensuring proper maintenance of machinery by facilitating knowledge transfer of best practices for the installation and maintenance of anti-friction bearings. 

NTN UBE Technical Training testimonials are earned from the hard work of an experienced, dedicated team. Here are a few of the many thanks and comments we see and hear almost weekly during our training sessions.

  • Improved real-time communication
  • Greater training engagement through face-to-face meetings in an interactive environment
  • The ability to share NTN’s world-renowned bearing expertise on site, without incurring travel expenses
  • Reduced equipment breakdowns and less downtime
  • Increased motivation, work ethic and morale

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“I’d like to thank NTN for the wonderful training opportunity provided through the UBE Technical Roadshow. My team was able to benefit from this successful training program across the entire production line. On completion of the educational sessions, I was getting texts from mechanics telling me that their time was both enjoyable and productive, and they really appreciated the training with Jean-François Doucet, NTN’s Technical Service Specialist. At my leadership meeting, our staff congratulated me for organizing this bearing education event, something they had never seen before in the industry. The program execution was successful thanks to the hard work and professionalism of the NTN technical service specialists and the participation of the Motion industrial distributor team."


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“The NTN UBE Technical Roadshow Training is exceptional and our people are very impressed with the quality of the education and the in-person instruction. We have also had great employee engagement and fun with the pit stop challenge competition. I appreciate what the NTN team has done for us at Irving Tissue. The NTN technical service specialists were extremely helpful and this program will help our employees. A truly excellent performance on this training event, delivered by NTN and Motion Industries, thank you on behalf of Irving Tissue."



The implementation of NTN’s roadshow training program has proved to be successful, receiving favourable reviews on how easy the event is to organize and how effective it is for their employees. The tour carries the latest technology for ball and roller bearings, wheel hub assemblies, seals, and linear motion products through a mobile technical training and demonstration unit. NTN is bringing this roadshow to bearing users across Canada, with all seminars conducted live on-site at plant and manufacturing facilities. Based on the feedback received so far, plant and production facility employees new to bearings have been very enthusiastic to receive this training, whereas the more experienced employees, already familiar with bearing maintenance principles, have said that they are learning new solid concepts around preventative maintenance. The training workshops are also an opportunity to bond with colleagues and industry partners, as they experience the speed and intensity of an NTN NASCAR pit stop challenge!


The NTN UBE Technical Roadshow Training Program offers courses designed for plant operations and production maintenance staff in a wide range of industries including Food Processing, Plastics, Pulp and Paper, Oil and Gas, Chemical Processing and Mining. For each company, specialists from NTN’s Engineering Centre work with plant facility training managers to select courses so that the company can fast-track the success of their new and experienced employees based on their bearing knowledge needs. The training features a wide range of products, from NTN KIZEI & ULTAGE Spherical Roller Bearings to NTN Sentinel Series and NTN Heavy Duty Mounted Units. Also on display is NTN’s new TRIAGE Engineering Solutions portfolio offering a systematic approach to bearing troubleshooting with NTN’s INSYNC remote collaboration technology.

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NTN is pleased to share that the NTN UBE Technical Roadshow Program has been successful with 19 events completed to date, over 400 registrations and 1,016 bearing skills educational sessions held from June 2022 – September 2022. Conclusion: The NTN UBE technical bearing skills-based training program has been well received by the trainees and is now embedded and accepted as part of the NTN training program. Another 17 roadshow training events are planned for the remainder of 2022.

NTN believes that by transferring and sharing knowhow, skills and experience through trainings, seminars and conferences, it benefits our business partners and NTN. A team of well-trained maintenance staff who understand the proper handling of bearings and mechanical components can help reduce costly downtime by helping companies prevent unforeseen failures of machines.

The Engineering team behind the NTN UBE Technical Training Roadshow is consistently updating the program as it rolls out to more participants, each with their own unique requirements and preferences. NTN is thankful to its Engineering team, led by Marcus Wickert, Director of Engineering. “NTN strives to go above and beyond to deliver premium engineering support and service,” says Paul Meo, President & CEO of NTN Canada. “Without the insight and knowledge of NTN’s Engineering department, this program would not have been possible.”

To learn about the new NTN Ultimate Bearing Experience Technical Roadshow, contact your NTN representative or NTN bearing distributor.

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