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NTN Launches Interactive Virtual Campus to Showcase Bearing Solutions


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NTN, a producer of premium quality ball and roller bearings, is pleased to announce the launch of its virtual “NTN Campus” in response to the rapidly evolving needs of its customers. The NTN Campus, the first of its kind for the bearing transmission industry, enables bearing users to access a blend of training tools including webinars, virtual instructor-led training, demonstrations, remote diagnostic simulations and other interactive content. It will also be harnessed by NTN for the onboarding of new customers to offer industry specific training on a wide variety of bearing applications.

We felt it was the perfect time to explore virtual channels to deliver quality education to our industry partners,” says Paul Meo. “NTN’s innovative virtual campus saves our customers travel time and boosts efficiencies. The training modules and webinars are designed to ensure clients can get up to speed with our products quickly and easily from the convenience of their office or manufacturing plant. As technology is radically transforming the marketplace, we are excited to be at the forefront of change across the industry. The introduction of the NTN Campus demonstrates how digital innovation can truly deliver value to bearing customers.


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Online education courses taught by NTN experts make decades of engineering expertise available on demand through the NTN Campus. NTN’s team of engineers have designed the NTN Campus curriculum to enable industry partners to realize maximum machine uptime using the newest NTN product innovations. This approach ensures each virtual campus is unique, providing industry partners with their own customized educational platform built specifically to meet their training needs. Live webinars and demonstrations are pre-selected in advance to showcase how NTN’s “Ultimate Bearing Experience” innovations and tools can add value to their operation.


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Each “NTN Campus” virtual event incorporates live technical presentations, multifaceted chat and spaces to share multimedia documents that attendees can browse at their leisure. Conferences are hosted jointly with an NTN distributor partner with the goal of informing attendees about new NTN solutions and creating networking opportunities with end-users. A range of gamification features are used to boost participation on the platform. Attendees are given points for visiting a booth, downloading a video, attending a webinar or completing one of many other actions, which are awarded with NTN branded promotional prizes.



The animated lobby, exhibit hall and auditorium also offer multiple areas for joint NTN and distributor brand promotion. NTN Campus events have been booked with a wide range of aftermarket partners across Canada to facilitate knowledge sharing with the support of NTN’s engineering leaders.  Customer response has been favourable. Bearing end-users and distributors alike, love the simplicity of the virtual NTN Campus event platform. 

Attractive Lobby to Welcome Attendees 

An animated virtual lobby is used to greet NTN Campus attendees. A welcome video provides a short tutorial guiding attendees through the entire venue. 

Educational Sessions in the Virtual Auditorium  

NTN educational sessions are conducted in the virtual auditorium. Leveraging Microsoft TEAMS meetings for the educational sessions has made it extremely easy for both the presenters and the attendees. They can hop right in and attend the sessions of their choice. 


Maximizing engagement in the exhibit hall 

The NTN Campus exhibit hall can feature up to 10 solutions exhibits covering a wide range of training topics from NTN’s TRIAGE Engineering Solutions and KIZEI Spherical Roller Bearings to NTN SNR’s linear motion portfolio. These exhibitor booths also serve as a space to align contacts and prospects. Attendees can learn more about the NTN bearing technology they require for specific industry applications. The exhibit hall is designed to keep it close to reality, making attendees feel as if they are in a real trade show because of the way it is laid out. Additionally, the solutions exhibits showcase documents and videos that can be shared with the attendees, giving them the option to add these to their ‘swag bags’ and download later. There is also a chat button in each booth, providing attendees with the option of live audio, video and text chat. This feature enables attendees and exhibitors to seamlessly network amongst themselves at the NTN Campus.


A leaderboard is also set up to encourage participants. This serves as an incentive for them to cover maximum ground in the virtual space. Participants can earn points every time they visit an NTN solutions exhibit booth, or attend an educational session. They can even earn points if they find a hidden item in the booths. The top ten participants at each NTN Campus event qualify for fun prizes consisting of NTN branded promotional merchandise. These incentives motivate participants to explore more of the NTN Campus virtual event.  

To date NTN has hosted a wide range of virtual campus sessions helping its client base enhance the efficiency of plant machinery and equipment. Each session of the NTN Campus has been able to create an experience that attendees and industry partners claim to have never seen before, cementing NTN as a progressive industry leader. Some of the prominent features of the NTN Campus include:

• The ability to share the expertise, passion, and knowledge of our staff and partners in a user-friendly and accessible platform.

• The fact that audiences and speakers were able to show up remotely. This was one of the greatest benefits of hosting a virtual conference.

• Along with travel budgets and restrictions, catering, and limited capacities of venues, NTN was able to trim off many event-related costs opening up a lot more opportunities in a cost-effective way. 

• The opportunity to boost real-time communication, encourage face-to-face meetings and create an interactive environment for high-value conversations. 

• The ability to share the organization’s world-renowned bearing expertise globally on-demand.

• The volume of data that was captured by the virtual conference provider was exceptional. Not only did this help NTN identify new project opportunities, but also supported NTN’s industry partners who were able to generate leads using the valuable data that was provided. 

The NTN Virtual Campus has shifted the scope of what’s possible when envisioning, planning, and executing bearing training programs. NTN Canada also continues to offer in-person workshops, courses and events open to distributor partners and bearing end users.

Anyone who wants to take a virtual tour through the NTN Campus can request a demo by calling (888) 412-4122 (Toll Free) or by emailing communications@ntn.ca

We look forward to having you join us at our new NTN Virtual Campus!



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