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NTN's Technical Training Unit (TTU) is a custom mobile training unit offering a variety of courses for all maintenance issues. The mobile training unit is equipped with a portable computer controlled projection system and wide-area screen. The unit is also equipped with a variety of bearing installation tools and hands on example to be used during the demonstration. The Technical Training Unit allows NTN to provide on-location training for our distributors and end users.

For more information contact NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada, tel. (905) 564-2700,  1-800-405-6720, or email us.


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What information does the Technical Training Unit cover?

NTN’s mobile training enhances learning by guiding students to apply knowledge immediately through in-class exercises and demonstrations. NTN’s Technical Training Unit makes consultations with NTN engineering and field service specialists easily accessible at plant and manufacturing facilities across Canada.

The training includes:

  • Installation
  • Shaft and housing fits
  • Lubrication
  • Failure Analysis

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