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15 December 2020 - Toronto - Snowmobile Bearings - Products

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The fact that we're one of the leading suppliers of OEM snowmobile bearings is what enabled us to build what no other manufacturer could ... a bearing that's specific to the sport of snowmobiling; Black Ice by NTN.

Formula Black Ice will truly define your snowmobile's entire performance and ride experience, either breaking trails or pushing it to the limits on frozen ice.

Ultimate Race Performance & Durability

Your snowmobile's entire performance depends on its bearings and the energy they use as they rotate... or the energy they save. If your sled has bearings that are worn or inferior in design or quality, your power, speed, and mileage will suffer. Now that's wasted horsepower!

Black Ice snowmobile bearings from NTN are the result of countless hours of research and development in our engineering facilities and in real-world minus-30-degree, 200-mile rides.

We took what we learned and we engineered special features into every Black Ice snowmobile bearing, producing unequalled performance and longevity. From advanced sealing technology to extreme low-temperature grease, NTN Formula Black Ice snowmobile bearings are designed to keep your snowmobile driving past the edge of its limits.


  • Premium hardened steel construction
  • Precision assembly
  • Extreme low temperature grease
  • Manufactured to tolerances tighter than industry standards
  • Super finished raceways
  • Synthetic polyamide corrosion resistant cage
  • Packaged for maximum shelf life
  • New exclusive black ice low drag seal
  • Outer ring corrosion resistant black oxide coating
  • Inner ring corrosion resistant black oxide coating
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Founded in 1918, NTN is one of the world's largest producers of premium quality ball and roller bearings, long recognized for the most stringent quality standards in the industry. With plants around the globe and a strong domestic manufacturing network, over 80% of the products sold by NTN in North America are made by one of the ten plants the company operates in Canada and the USA. NTN is also a leading provider of bearing services which include technical support, maintenance and reliability services, engineering consulting and training. NTN's company vision is "to transform into Canada’s leader of the Ultimate Bearing Experience."

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