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The NTN Community Garden: Planting for Homeless Shelters in Need


1 May 2020 - Toronto - Corporate - News

NTN Community Garden

NTN Canada has added a gardening plot to their headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario. The new NTN community garden will provide employees with the opportunity to till, seed and harvest a small communal plot before work and after, during lunch breaks and on weekends. The garden will be open every day from dawn until dusk, and employee volunteers will be welcome to walk through the gardens and join in planting activities. The garden will allow employees to spend time outdoors, learn to grow and harvest herbs and vegetables and to socialize in a pleasant environment.

All produce, from crisp lettuce and vine-ripened tomatoes, to green onions, brussel sprouts, carrots and crunchy cucumbers, will be donated to feed the hungry at the Haven Toronto Shelter in hopes of helping the homeless receive fresh, nutritious meals to improve their diet and their overall health.

The plants at NTN’s community garden will also contribute to a cleaner environment by adding oxygen to the air and helping to reduce air pollution. In addition, the community garden's root system will help water penetrate deep into the soil, where it is stored and released slowly rather than running off quickly and overwhelming drainage systems. NTN’s community garden will also include a composting program, to recycle plant waste such as leaves and tree trimmings into useful fertilizer.

Through community involvement and a genuine desire to help the homeless population, NTN’s employees are excited about establishing their Community Garden. The benefits of community gardening – fresh air and exercise, green space, and the chance to build NTN community spirit will make the effort well worth it.

A big thank you goes out to our Community Garden Sponsors, Jane & Jerome Brown Farm and Rob Sharpe, for supplying a wide assortment of vegetable plants. Our garden would not be possible without such generosity.



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