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The award-winning SPAW product line is a great example of the innovation and excellence in product design that NTN delivers to the marketplace. NTN produces a wide range of bearings for heavy industry and our team’s goal is to provide customers with the Ultimate Bearing Experience.

Extremely contaminated environments often make equipment subject to premature failure. NTN offers a complete range of mounted units but by far, our premium problem solver is the award-winning SPAW Mounted Roller Bearing.

In 2017, NTN Bearing Corporation received the Bearing Specialists Association’s Manufacturer Excellence Award for the NTN SPAW Mounted Roller Bearing. The award was presented to NTN for best practice in innovation and excellence in product design and technology.

With NTN’s SPAW/SPW series, NTN sets a new standard in performance, withstanding the most demanding conditions with less downtime and maintenance.

The NTN SPAW is a one-piece, solid ductile iron housed bearing that dimensionally interchanges with a standard split block SAF style bearing unit. Our SPAW reduces installation time by over 60% when compared to the SAF style by eliminating the use of feeler gauges to set the bearing clearance and is supplied fully assembled making it shaft ready.

The SPAW features a unitized MX-W ULTAGE bearing insert that has an integrated spring-loaded contact seal allowing for up to ±1.5° of misalignment without gaps in the contact seal to help keep contamination out. NTN’s SPAW arrives completely assembled and properly lubricated, eliminating on-site bearing assembly.

Additionally, the SPAW bearing insert and adapter assembly are phosphate-coated to minimize corrosion. Optional open and closed ductile-iron end covers easily bolt onto the housing to provide maximum protection in the harshest environments.

The bearing inner and outer rings are also phosphate coated to resist corrosion which means the bearing seals run directly on the precision ground phosphate coated bearing inner ring.


Contaminants in a bearing drastically reduces performance. In most heavy-duty units, the seals actually run on the shaft and when the shaft gets worn or corroded, the seal becomes ineffective and allows contaminants to enter the bearing.

The MX-W insert can also be easily changed out with the simple removal of snap rings and with each new fresh replacement, the seal has a new ground and phosphate protected surface to run on.

Keep in mind that these units are also hardly ever installed in clean environments. When you have an open housing or bearing installation, it’s extremely hard to keep everything clean. With NTN’s SPAW/SPW series, you can even install these in dirty environments or have other fabrication going on around you without concerns of bearing contamination.

Most installations can exceed existing performance with the MX-W insert seal alone; however, NTN also offers additional cap covers for added protection against contaminants. The covers add an additional cavity which can be filled with grease to create a seal for extreme conditions.

The NTN’s SPAW/SPW series housings are made of a one-piece ductile iron material as standard. No chance to mix-up caps and bases, and ductile iron has a breaking strength approximately twice that of cast iron.

The unit is an adapter taper locking style unit which offers the best positive locking and is available in various common industrial shafting sizes. NTN M1 phosphate coated adapters are also supplied with this unit to resist corrosion and ease drive up assembly. Each unit is supplied in a floating position and can be converted simply by moving one fixing ring into an inner groove to create a fixed unit.


  1. NTN provides the SP/SFC series fully assembled. You only need to order one part number.
  2. NTN has already filled the sealed MX-W insert with a premium grease in our factory. The grease fill is guaranteed to be clean and filled with an accurate and consistent quantity.
  3. The seals are already installed directly with the bearing. There is no need to install or worry about ordering additional seals. New seals are also installed with each replacement insert.
  4. Installation instructions are provided with each unit which outline a simple installation nut rotation from the initial positive contact starting point for each shaft size. No lengthy feeler gauge measurements are necessary during installation.
  5. Each unit can be converted to a fixed or floating unit. There are no additional fixing rings to install or order.
  6. Best of all, bearing components are minimized and installation is simplified making it quicker to install.

NTN has many real-life experiences where existing service life is extended from months to years when implementing the SPAW/SPW series. Contamination is the common element to bearing demise and one of the primary advantages to this series success is its sealing capability and the design principle to “Keep Dirt Out.” Increased life and installation ease keep your operation running and cut your maintenance costs.

For more information, download NTN SPAW, SPW and SFCW Type Cat. C-2600-IV.



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