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Team Member Spotlight: Sean Barron


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Teammemberspotlight SeanBarron

Meet Sean Barron. He’s a high-energy team member on our Business Development team. Throughout his four years as an NTN Territory Manager, Sean has become an essential member of our sales department. Outside of work, Sean enjoys cycling. As a former national champion of the Canadian mountain-biking downhill racing series, Sean is always pushing his limits to find ways to go faster. “Pushing past your limits means taking on newer, progressively harder challenges. I have been competing in sports all my life from wrestling and skiing to diving and motocross, and I've been an avid mountain biker, racing for over 30 years. I’ve ridden through the alps and all across the country. I even do all of the bearing installations on my gear myself. When you are doing what you love, it’s a life-long dedication that gets you there.”

Sean is most often complimented on his determination to resolve issues. “There is always a solution, you just have to look for it,” he says. His determination has proved to be a major benefit to all on our team, as well as to our customers, and it all stems from his passion for racing. “I’ve been racing my entire life. It’s not just about going out there and biking. It is knowing what type of equipment to use; It’s not about driving better than someone else; it’s knowing your bike better.” This “know better” mentality is evident in the way Sean manages his Territory and supports his customers. As a driven and attentive individual, Sean applies his competitive spirit and attention-to-detail to decipher, plan, and execute the successful delivery of NTN bearing solutions to meet customer needs. “Everyday, as a Territory Manager it is important to think ‘outside the box’, in order to identify areas of improvement for our client’s operations. Our customers want machines that run faster, longer, cleaner and more safely. Success with a customer is based on providing a superior solution that creates more value,” says Sean.

Sean also attributes his success to the friendly, passionate environment at NTN. “Our business development team is close-knit and shares a passion and dedication for helping customers. We’re a mini support system, encouraging one another to thrive. NTN is constantly growing and the management on my team is constantly mentoring, coaching, and motivating their employees to go above and beyond.”

Thanks Sean for all that you do to deliver the Ultimate Bearing Experience at NTN.



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