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Team Member Spotlight: Mathew Meo


 - Toronto - Team Member Spotlight

Teammemberspotlight MathewMeo

Our latest Team Member Spotlight highlights Mathew Meo, Technical Service Specialist (in training) at NTN Canada. Mathew has been an integral part of NTN’s customer support and operations team for the past four years and is described by Team Members as dependable, knowledgeable and a great communicator. If a Team Member has a question, Mathew is quick to respond with a helpful answer! Outside of work, Mathew loves to spend time working on cars or anything mechanical. “I have always had a passion for fixing up cars and I am always up for a challenge. It's not only about hard work, its about getting your hands dirty and focusing on the task at hand. I love the engineering, design and art that goes into every vehicle, as well as constantly learning something new along the way." Right now, Mathew is rebuilding a car from the 1970s. Mathew says his hobby requires knowledge and experience, and most of all, “you need dedication and that’s also what it takes to be an NTN Technical Service Specialist.”

Mathew says that his favorite part of his job is that he’s always interacting with people. “I love getting to know people,” Mathew reveals that he strives to ensure everyone is happy: “Treat all people fairly and honestly. If I can provide customers the best technology and service that’s success. If you are happy, you will be successful in what you do.” An exceptional resource to all, Mathew's ‘go-the-extra-mile’ attitude is what he’s complimented on most often. Mathew applies optimism to all that he does and works to solve problems with enthusiasm. Thanks Mathew for all that you do to deliver the Ultimate Bearing Experience at NTN!



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