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Team Member Spotlight: Carly Tudball


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At NTN Canada, our employees are the heart and soul of our company, and they are the ones who ensure that our customers’ needs are met and exceeded. Carly Tudball is a great example of one of these team members. She typically operates behind-the-scenes, but she’s a critical player who contributes to the successful execution and delivery of bearing orders.

Carly is an Inside Sales Representative with a very interesting background. Originally a wedding planner, Carly joined NTN’s corporate events department and from there, quickly transitioned to a Customer Service role where her technical aptitude and organizational skills have enabled her to become a valued member of NTN’s inside sales team. Since joining, she has helped architect a chat bot proposal through her participation in NTN’s Millennial Advisory Council. The concept, which is in development, will help NTN’s customer service department embrace the use of bots by enabling website visitors to check on part number availability, quotes and to place bearing orders.

From a young age, Carly says she’s always learned a lot while fishing. “It has taught me to be patient and enjoy the little moments…to ask questions, like, ‘where can I go?’ and 'how do I get there?’. Carly says her hobby isn’t only about catching fish, “it’s about the adventure along the way”. She credits her success at NTN to her work ethic and desire to effectively serve customers and provide unique transparency that lets them see how their orders are progressing. Thanks Carly for all that you do to deliver the Ultimate Bearing Experience at NTN!



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