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NTN’s Sentinel™ Series Churns Through Downtime on Dough Mixer

4 January 2022 - Toronto - Success Report - Products

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A producer of frozen, precooked, and dried pasta products was experiencing weekly bearing failures on its dough mixer due to the frequent washdowns required in the production area. The recurring failures were resulting in over $5,500 in lost production each week. NTN’s engineering and sales support team performed a thorough evaluation of the mixer and determined the failures were being caused by grease washout that occurred during the regular equipment washdowns.

The NTN Solution

NTN’s team recommended that the bearings being used in the mixer be replaced with our Sentinel Series ball bearings. Our Sentinel Series features corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings with seals and NSF H1 registered solid lubricant. The solid lubrication provides up to 21 times better washout resistance than standard grease and the seals provide improved protection over standard deep groove ball bearings, which is critical to extending the life of equipment exposed to moisture.

The Result

The NTN solution lasted over six months, cutting yearly bearing failures by 2,300%. The increased uptime, reduced maintenance, and decrease in bearing spend resulted in $320,000 in annualized savings for the customer.

Value added breakdown



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THE NTN Advantage: Solid lubrication

Solid lubrication is a maintenance-free solution that eliminates greasing requirements and significantly improves life in harsh wash-down applications.

  • NSF H1 compliant
  • 21X the grease washout resistance
  • Zero grease leakage
  • Zero re-lubrication

Sentinel Series Features & Benefits

  • Food-grade solid lubricant eliminates maintenance, resists wash-out
  • Stainless steel housings with stainless steel inserts prevent corrosion from moisture and harsh cleaning agents
  • All units come equipped with your choice of open or closed cover configurations

Don’t get mixed up with downtime

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