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NTN’s Phil Schmidts following his passion for performance as a multi-instrumentalist for the band “Portabella & The Funguys”


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NTN’s Phil Schmidts following his passion for performance as a multi-instrumentalist for the band “Portabella & The Funguys”

Phil Schmidts, NTN’s Director for Aftermarket Sales, says music has always played a large role in his life. “I was trained on piano in my early years and I will always thank my parents for the gift they gave me that has been my calming escape.” He has been working at NTN Canada out of Vancouver, BC for over 21 years managing the industrial aftermarket business and the successful delivery of NTN bearing solutions. He occupies his downtime playing music as a writer, lyricist and guitarist for the band “Portabella & The Funguys”. It’s a family affair as his wife, Dita, is a talented musician and the lead vocalist for the group.

The Portabella & The Funguys was formed in 2018 and is comprised of an ensemble of five musicians: Portabella (Dita) on vocals, violin, and wind instruments and the Funguys (George, Phil, Miro, Bruce) on acoustic guitars, drums, double bass, vocals and many other fun instruments.

Phil’s hobby began in his hometown of St. Albert. “I have played a range of instruments for most of my life, from acoustic guitar, to the ukulele, melodica, djembe, and other percussive instruments. I also enjoy singing lead and backing harmonies.”

Phil has a strong desire to perform in his spare time, rooted in his passion for all things musical. “I'm always looking for more cover songs to add to my tab library,” says Phil. “I also spend time writing and working on our lyrics. Each new song we start writing continues to motivate me to keep practicing and improving .”

His creativity and inspiration comes from hearing other people in other genres. “I listen to a wide variety of Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Swing, Gypsy, instrumental,” says Phil. “From 20s era to present. A wide range of musical styles has inspired my ability to write songs and perform live.”

The group have played together in various bands for many years and their musical philosophy is to provide fun, uplifting music to keep their audience engaged on and off their chairs. They do originals that cover a wide variety of styles and also enjoy performing a mix of covers using their original musical arrangements, spanning many styles form swing & gypsy jazz, to soul, R&B, folk, classic rock, and pop. The band’s extensive range of material is intended to appeal to many musical tastes to bring together diverse musical backgrounds and provide a fun atmosphere of uplifting vibes and carefree listening.

“Writing original songs are the most rewarding part of being in this band,” says Phil. “Working on new material and ironing out all the small parts using the unique talents that each of us bring to the table is what is most satisfying. A good song becomes like a family member. With nourishment and continuous improvement, it can grow up to be a loved and cherished member of the family.”

Portabella & The Funguys have recently released 5 amazing new songs, “Hey Hey Hey”, ”Love or Sin”, “For You and I”, “At the Café” and “Big Jet Plane”. Check them out here on YouTube: For You and I , At the Café  , Hey Hey HeyLove or Sin , Big Jet Plane. You will also find these songs on all the major music platforms including Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and Amazon



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