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NTN’s Green Line with Solid Lube Quadruples Uptime on Poultry Waste Conveyor Screws

18 January 2021 - Toronto - Success Report - Products

NTN’s Green Line with Solid Lube. Annualized cost savings $125,402

One of North America’s largest poultry producers was suffering recurring bearing failures on a pair of its waste conveyor screws. One of the conveyor screws was responsible for transporting chicken organs while the other carried feathers. Failures on these conveyor screws were occurring every 1.5 months, leading to monthly costs of over $12,400 in downtime and maintenance.

NTN’s engineering and sales support team performed a thorough evaluation of the conveyor screws and determined the failures were being caused by both grease washout from the wet environment and contamination from the waste being transported.

The NTN Solution

NTN’s team recommended that the incumbent bearings be replaced with our Green Line four-bolt mounted units with solid lubricant. Green Line, NTN’s tried-and-true line of mounted bearing units, features cast iron bearing housings designed to provide maximum strength in even the toughest applications. It also allows for +/- 2° of misalignment, giving you reliable performance. Green Line’s unmatched selection of housing styles, insert types, set screws, eccentric locking collars, and adapter sleeves ensure you get the bearing you need for your application.

Additionally, NTN’s solid lubrication provides excellent resistance to washout, making it an ideal solution for wet applications found in the food & beverage industry.

The Result

The NTN solution lasted six months; a 400% increase in uptime! The increased uptime, reduced maintenance, and decrease in bearing spend resulted in over $125,000 in annualized savings for the poultry processing giant.

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