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NTN Ultra-ClassTM handles splash better than competitors


31 May 2021 - Toronto - Ultra-Class™ Ball Bearing Mounted Units - Products

Ultra-Class Ball Bearing Mounted Units

Ultra-Class is NTN’s flagship solid-base mounted bearing unit line, delivering high performance and reliability in the most challenging conditions. When protection in harsh environments is paramount, our Ultra-Class series is up to the task, even in challenging industrial applications.

Corrosion and shock resistance

The Ultra-Class line features a black oxide coated bearing insert to provide superior corrosion resistance over standard bearing inserts. The combination of the heavy-duty, solid cast housing and a robust steel cage provide longer life under extreme conditions.

Patented set screw technology

NTN’s exclusive ball-point set screw design is standard in all Ultra-Class products and provides superior tightening torque characteristics without damage to the shaft-mounting surface.

Superior sealing protection

Combining a nitrile rubber seal in tandem with NTN’s flinger design creates a fan-like mechanism that prevents particles from building up and infiltrating the seals. The end result is longer bearing life & less unplanned downtime in your production lines.

NTN Ultra-Class handles splash better than competitors

Testing Ultra-Class against the competition on the NTN Test Laboratory’s Contamination Machine, the Ultra-Class design significantly outperformed all of the competitor designs.

NTN Knows Dirt
Heavy industry is not a clean place. The critical bearings you depend on to keep your facility running smoothly must perform flawlessly for long run times while dealing with dirt and dust. NTN knows this fact and developed robust ball bearing mounted units to deal with this prominent bearing killer.

NTN’s Ultra-Class line is fitted with heavy-duty, full-contact molded rubber seals that ride on black oxide coated bearing inserts to help reduce corrosion. In addition to the seals, steel flingers are pressed onto the inserts creating a labyrinth effect. These standard components and materials combine to keep out damaging dirt, dust and moisture, for maximum performance.

Putting It To The Test
NTN tested Ultra-Class against multiple samples from each of the leading bearing manufacturers. They were run on the NTN Test Laboratory’s Contamination Machine involving:

  • dust/water slurry mixture
  • continuous start/stop cycling
  • run to failure (vibration or leak-through) or suspended at 1,000 hours

Dozens of tests were conducted yielding each product’s resistance to contamination.

NTN’s Ultra-Class design significantly outperformed all the competitor designs, with a life 76% longer than the closest competitor.

Beyond the lab in the real world, Ultra-Class units prove their value to outlast other designs in challenging services plagued with dust and dirt.

ultraclass table1

ultraclass table2 1

Ultra-Class on sawmill chain conveyor

ultraclass table2 1

Contamination machine setup

Test results demonstrate a 76% longer life than the closest competitor.

This increase in bearing life can be attributed to the following features:

  • A heavy-duty, full-contact molded rubber seal inserted in the outer ring (non-rotating ring)
  • In addition to the seal, a second inner ring slinger design with raised “ribs” on the face, act as a fan mechanism to push away contamination that tries to build up on the bearing side face
  • The combination of the rotating metal slinger and non-rotating seal creates a labyrinth effect making the ingress of contamination even more difficult (See design figures below)
  • Ultra-Class bearings are supplied with high-performance, lithium-based grease with additives to ensure long service life, sufficient lubrication and corrosion protection

These standard components and materials combine to keep out damaging dirt, dust and moisture, for maximum performance.


ultraclass diagram



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