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22 February 2021 - Toronto - Tapered Roller Bearings - Products

NTN Ultage TRB with metal manufacture background

With almost 100 million tapered roller bearings manufactured every year under NTN and Bower brands, it’s no wonder that NTN TRBs rival all major competitors on the market.

Heat treated based on application needs

Case carburization creates a hardened steel “case” around the outside of the bearing, while leaving a softcore, providing excellent heavy shock-load capabilities. Case carburization also delivers greatly increased component durability and extended life, resulting in increased maintenance intervals and reduced downtime.

Trust the quality of NTN Tapered Roller Bearings

  • Case-carburized steel
  • Crowned rollers
  • Super-finished rollers & raceways
  • Products proudly made in North America and Japan
  • Inch & metric in stock with flexible inventory

NTN also offers TRBs with through-hardened steel, including many of our ISO TRBs, for applications requiring less shock load capabilities as a cost-competitive alternative.

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Comprehensive product coverage

NTN offers tapered roller bearings in ISO (metric), inch and J-metric series. NTN also supplies tapers as single-row (cone/cup), two-row (back-to-back or face-to-face), double-row (double cup or double cone) and four-row assemblies. NTN and Bower integrated offerings allow customers to optimize their TRB selection by customizing geometries and surfaces, ensuring the product delivered meets customer needs.


Remove Stress Concentrations with ULTAGE® Enhancements

Under heavy loading, stress concentration can be generated, which ultimately reduces bearing life. Edge stress can be generated when heavy loading is combined with bearing misalignment.

The ULTAGE® design creates smooth stress distribution across the contact area, reducing edge stress. Even under harsh conditions, the optimized internal geometry of the ULTAGE product line will reduce stress, leading to longer bearing life.

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ULTAGE TRB Advantages

icon1Optimized roller crowning results in up to 30% higher dynamic load ratings and testing shows 3X longer bearing life
icon2Improved surface finishes reduce torque & temperature rise, increasing max allowable operating speed by 10%
icon3Dimensionally interchangeable with conventional TRB sizes
icon4Improved bottom line due to less downtime and maintenance

Delivering the ultimate in performance solutions, the NTN ULTAGE® line combines special alloys capable of withstanding up to 392°F ambient temperatures and an optimized roller complement and retainer design—enabling higher load capacity and allowable speed compared to standard designs. NTN ULTAGE® Tapered Roller Bearings are designed to provide higher load capacity, higher speed and longer service life for a wide range of demanding applications from mill drive gearboxes and stand roll necks to mining trucks and crusher applications.

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About NTN

Founded in 1918, NTN is one of the world's largest producers of premium quality ball and roller bearings, long recognized for the most stringent quality standards in the industry. With plants around the globe and a strong domestic manufacturing network, over 80% of the products sold by NTN in North America are made by one of the ten plants the company operates in Canada and the USA. NTN is also a leading provider of bearing services which include technical support, maintenance and reliability services, engineering consulting and training. NTN's company vision is "to transform into Canada’s leader of the Ultimate Bearing Experience."

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