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Up Close and Personal with NTN Canada's Engineering Department

24 November 2021 - Toronto - Corporate - News

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A true learning organization where employees embrace the opportunity to lead positive change

As a company dedicated to "providing the Ultimate Bearing Customer Experience (UBE)”, NTN Canada has remained steadfast in providing the highest level of engineering service despite COVID challenges. The concept of UBE focuses on the mindset of SERVICE. NTN Canada ensures that everything that is said and done for the bearing customer is done with the intent to give the customer extraordinary service by anticipating their needs and creating solutions to support their success. This situation has made our team realize how important it is to be comfortable with change and willing to shift gears when necessary.

Introducing TRIAGE Engineering Solutions

Our employees have embraced an innovation mindset, challenging the norm to navigate through COVID-19 as an "Immediate Transformation Opportunity for Improvement." A recent transformation example is NTN Canada's launch of remote service solutions, known as "TRIAGE Engineering Solutions", for troubleshooting bearing equipment used in aftermarket applications.

In Canada, the company depends on its team of engineers, with over 300 years of combined bearing experience in the marketplace, to support end users at manufacturing facilities with complex bearing applications. NTN Canada’s innovative TRIAGE Engineering Solutions platform offers a systematic approach to defining bearing troubleshooting requirements to support maintenance professionals. Combining HI (Human Intelligence) with AR (Assisted Reality), the state-of-the-art system allows NTN experts to send precise visual instructions remotely to maintenance technicians at any manufacturing facility to ensure bearing maintenance issues can be fixed as efficiently as possible, minimizing downtime.


If maintenance technicians face complex or unusual servicing points, they can use NTN’s INSYNC remote collaboration technology to connect directly with NTN Canada’s Engineering Department located in Mississauga, Ontario. The NTN expert is then able to support the field technician through the diagnosis and bearing repair by augmenting images, diagrams and adding repair suggestions into their view.

NTN Canada will continue to provide superior bearing products and engineering services to deliver the Ultimate Bearing Experience to its customers, ensuring they receive the answers and support they need as efficiently as possible.


Mr. Marcus Wickert
Director of Engineering, NBCC

Supporting customers by tapping into the combined experience of the NTN Engineering Department

"NTN appreciates that when equipment is down, the most important thing is to get back up and running. NTN's TRIAGE Engineering Solutions powered by INSYNC Remote Diagnostics improves on our existing collaboration tools, allowing us to work more efficiently with our industry partners all while significantly reducing travel time. NTN’s remote engineers can see issues and opportunities first-hand and find solutions much quicker than through traditional on-site visits by providing the opportunity for better and more effective collaboration. NTN's TRIAGE approach further improves collaboration by enabling more people to participate in troubleshooting problems, as a whole team of NTN experts can help the on-site plant technician solve the bearing problem."

ntn insync 1
Through remote collaboration, technicians can share bearing application details to receive support from NTN
ntn insync 2
A team of NTN experts help the plant technician at the end user's manufacturing facility solve the bearing problem remotely

Interviews with NTN Engineering Colleagues

What do you value, or place importance on when working?

mario borsella

Mario Borsella
Manager, Field Service Engineering Group

It is a great place to work with very talented people. We are able to collaborate on many different and challenging projects. We are a small team that care and are passionate about what we do.

amjad ramadan

Amjad Ramadan
Applications Engineer

Our workplace is a second home for everyone where we all feel important and work towards the same goal.

shreyans dedhiya

Shreyans Dedhiya
Service Engineer

A collaborative environment that helps to exercise everyday challenges while adding fun with constant innovation.

What do you value, or place importance on when working?

marcus wickert

Marcus Wickert
Director of Engineering

There are always challenges that will arise, but it is essential to work as a group to overcome and understand them together to develop a solution. Even if you are not successful the first time, reconsider your approach, and never give up finding a solution if it is important to you.  

james hassan

James Hassan
Applications Engineering

I value finding solutions for a customer or colleague, whether it is a product, process, or ideology that I am able to provide. I also value having good relationships with customers and colleagues, many colleagues of which I have contact with beyond the workplace.

al rudaitis

Al Rudaitis
Senior Applications Engineer

Our group of engineers and service technicians, I believe, are the best in our industry in Canada. We are motivated to provide "UBE" - the "Ultimate Bearing Experience" to our customers in all that we do.

What kind of transformation are you working on in your job?

christian borsella

Christian Borsella
Applications Engineering

A change in the way of thinking that I have worked on for my job is to try and see the bigger picture of a project. When working on an inspection or any other kind of project, seeing the bigger picture and understanding what the customers intentions are will allow you to better understand what really must be done to find a solution or complete the project.

jean francois doucet

Jean-François Doucet
Ingénieur de service (Service Engineer)

Not being able to go meet customers in person have forced me to communicate more effectively over the phone and through web meetings. I have discovered that a lot can be achieved remotely by asking the right questions and using the proper technological tools.

joseph antony

Joseph Antony
Engineering Project Coordinator

I try to apply the "Project Management" principles to all the tasks that are assigned to me. Prioritizing the tasks at hand, setting timelines and keeping my calendar up to date has helped me to meet the deadlines and to complete all the projects on time.

What do you enjoy about your work?

chris rempel

Chris Rempel
Engineering Manager

The best part of my job is collaborating with customers, finding solutions to problems with their rotating equipment. It is especially rewarding to see a solution alleviate the pain of reoccurring bearing failures or poor machine performance.

mathew meo

Mathew Meo
Technical Service Specialist

What makes me the happiest is being part of a solution focused team that strives to provide the Ultimate Customer Service Experience at all times.



About NTN

Founded in 1918, NTN is one of the world's largest producers of premium quality ball and roller bearings, long recognized for the most stringent quality standards in the industry. With plants around the globe and a strong domestic manufacturing network, over 80% of the products sold by NTN in North America are made by one of the ten plants the company operates in Canada and the USA. NTN is also a leading provider of bearing services which include technical support, maintenance and reliability services, engineering consulting and training. NTN's company vision is "to transform into Canada’s leader of the Ultimate Bearing Experience."

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