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NTN complements its mounted unit offering with Bower® Type E Bearing Units


22 June 2020 - Toronto - Corporate - News

Bower type E Bearing Units

NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada Limited, a leading producer of premium quality ball and roller bearings, today announced the addition of the Bower Type E bearing unit to its product offering. Bower Type E bearing units have been designed to meet the most demanding applications and deliver superior performance.

"We are excited to introduce the Bower Type E bearing unit," said Paul Meo, President and CEO of NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada Ltd. "Listening to our customers’ needs and acting swiftly to fulfill them has led to NTN’s fast growth in the bearing unit market. The Bower Type E bearing unit is an exceptional addition to our product offering that will deliver superior performance in demanding industries such as aggregate, wood processing, mining, cement, steel, water treatment, and construction."

The Bower Type E bearing unit incorporates a one-piece sturdy cast iron housing with elongated mounting slots and features a spherical roller bearing insert that allows for +/- 2 degrees of misalignment. Bower Type E units also feature a set screw locking collar, machined brass retainer, double-lip heavy contact seal with metal shield, and an extended inner ring. Bower Type E units are available in sizes ranging from 17⁄16 to 4 15⁄16 pillow blocks and either 2-bolt or 4-bolt configurations. The Bower Type E housing footprint is a direct drop-in interchange with other Type E pillow block units. Since the spring of 2018, NTN has conducted 11 trials of Bower Type E at various end user locations and Bower Type E has run without issues at each location for 16+ months, a minimum of 2.5x longer service life than the bearings we replaced.  

BowerTypeEIndustries Paper&Forestry,Metals,Food&Beverage,Mining,Agriculture,GeneralIndustry

The functions and features of the Bower Type E bearing unit include:

  • One-piece, sturdy cast iron housing to withstand demanding applications
  • Threaded housing covers keep bearing clearance set and provide great seal support
  • Self-aligning, double-row spherical roller bearing allows for easy alignment and can handle +/- 2° of misalignment
  • Set screw locking collar secures the inner ring to the shaft
  • Machined brass retainer with offset pockets results in cage stiffness for high vibratory applications
  • Elongated mounting slots for versatile mounting configurations
  • Double-lip seal molded onto a metal shield provides superior sealing performance in extreme environments

To learn more about the Bower Type E product line, please contact your NTN sales representative. You can also access additional information about Bower Type E at

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