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NTN Canada Case Study: Watersmart Peel Indoor Water Efficiency Audit


RegionofPeel CaseStudy

NTN Bearing Manufacturing Canada was recognized by the Region of Peel for their contribution towards water conservation. The following case study highlights how water reducing measures have achieved a water savings of 143m3/day with expected long-term water savings of 52,323m3/year.

Water Savings Solutions:
Chiller re-purposed to cool air compressor system

Chiller re-purposed$46,005.72$23,002.86143,000$136,521.00

NTN Bearing used once-through Municipal water to provide supplemental cooling to four air compressors when the cooling tower was unable to provide adequate cooling (predominantly during the summer months). An existing chiller was re-purposed to provide supplemental cooling to the air compressor system in order to replace this once-through cooling water method. Additionally, new supply and return lines were also installed from the chiller to the heat exchangers in the air compressor room. This was completed at the 6740 Kitimat Road location in Mississauga, Ontario.

Economic Benefits:
$136,521 annually based on water reducing measures, plus a one-time Peel rebate of $23,002.86, which reduces the payback period to 0.17 years.

Water Savings:
NTN Bearing Manufacturing Canada’s water reducing measures has achieved a verified water savings of 143m3/day and estimated annual water savings of 52,323m3/year.



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