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NTN BCA Webinar Rear Axle Wheel Bearing Replacement Revolution


27 May 2021 - Toronto - Webinar - Products


Webinar Details:
NTN Bearing Corporation has developed a free webinar on Rear Axle Wheel Bearing Replacements. This video is available for viewing by visiting

During this webinar, experts from BCA Bearings by NTN cover what it takes to service a rear axle’s bearings and how to increase your productivity when doing these jobs.


  • What are the symptoms and noise will a failed solid axle wheel bearing make?
  • When should an axle shaft be replaced?
  • What special tools are required for servicing a solid axle’s bearings?
  • How do you service wheel bearings for a floating / semi-floating axle design?
  • How do I service the wheel speed sensor and parking brake?
  • Parts involved in the servicing of solid axles. (Seals, Repair Sleeves, Bearings, Repair Bearings, etc)



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