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MEGAOHM™ 7MC3 Series Ceramic Insulated Ball Bearings

28 October 2021 - Toronto - MEGAOHM™ 7MC3 Series Ceramic Insulated Ball Bearings - Products

MEGAOHM™ 7MC3 Series Ceramic Insulated Ball Bearings

The increase in volume of variable frequency drive (VFD) electric motors as well as other machines where electrical currents are present has demanded the need for insulated bearings. Electrical currents can flow through the bearing causing electrical arcing damage to the rolling contact surfaces, ultimately leading to bearing failure. Electrical pitting and fluting can be prevented with ceramic coated bearings.

Coated Bearings

NTN’s MEGAOHM 7MC3 Series of insulated bearings has been specifically designed to prevent electrical arcing in a variety of applications. Coating the bearing’s outer ring provides an insulating barrier against any stray currents that would pass through it.


MEGAOHM 7MC3 Series insulated bearings are designed to resist electric current damage and offer protection to costly equipment which is why they are used by OEMs for wind turbine generators, traction motors, paper and textile rolls, VFD and other electric motors used across many industrial applications.

MEGAOHM 7MC3 Series Advantages

  • Ceramic coated for electrical insulation that prevents electrical pitting and fluting
  • Drop-in replacement for standard bearings
  • Cost-effective solution to combat stray electric currents
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 NTN 7MC3 Leading Competitor
Coating Thickness 0.2 mm 0.1 mm
Electrical Resistance at 500 V (DC) >2,000 MΩ>100 MΩ
Voltage Resistance>3 kV < 3 kV
Chipping (Drop test up to 0.8 m) 0 of 8 chipped 3 of 8 chipped



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