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Green Initiatives at NTN Canada


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At NTN we are committed to identifying best practices and developing standards for energy and water efficiency across our facilities.

LED Lighting
Last spring, all interior lights at NTN Canada’s manufacturing facility were replaced with LED lights. The new lighting system provides increased illumination throughout the facility while using less electricity. The new lights consume only 11 watts compared to traditional fluorescent bulbs which consume 32 watts. Not only do the lights use less electricity, but the increased illumination also improves work conditions. The upgrade has reduced electrical consumption by 974,352 KWH resulting in annual cost savings of $118,000.

Innovative Water Recycling System
NTN’s Canadian Manufacturing Facility has recently increased the size of its tumbler water treatment process so that recycled water can be used for tumbling of Rocker Arm Bearings (RAB), using both large and small tumblers. The expansion of the water recycling process has reduced water consumption by approximately 70% from ~46,000 Gallons per month to 13,500 Gallons per month.

Additionally, the water treatment process has improved the quality of the liquid waste so that it now meets the requirements for disposal to the sanitary water system.

Previously these wastes were collected, contained in the coolant room and transported to appropriate treatment disposal sites. As a result of the recycled water improvements, oily waste water disposal has dropped by 1.1 million litres per year generating over $88,000 in annual savings.

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