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Bearing solutions for the food and beverage industry:
Sentinel Series, a worry-free lubed for life solution


4 May 2020 - Toronto - Sentinel - Products

Sentinal series bearing cutaway

Food-grade environments require bearing units specifically designed to adhere to exacting standards. NTN’s Sentinel Series provides peace of mind in environments where moisture, cleaning agents and other contaminants run rampant. Our corrosion resistant design shields against all of these problems and our food-grade solid lube withstands the high pressure sanitation and washdown procedures necessary in these environments.


1. NTN food-grade solid lubricant (NSF H1 registered) provides permanent bearing lubrication by protecting bearings from washout and preventing undesired grease leakage into food
2. 100% stainless steel bearing are corrosion-resistant and require no coating, eliminating the potential of flaked coatings contaminating end product
3. Silicone seal and slinger combination creates a water-resistant barrier to help prevent contamination
4. Protective covers for units provide additional protection against contaminants and moisture, while adding additional safety for maintenance personnel
5. Full-contact nitrile seals creates a water-resistant barrier to help prevent contamination



21X the grease washout resistance

Zero grease leakage

Zero re-lubrication requirements

Zero maintenance


In food processing plants, every minute of uptime matters. But harsh chemicals, grease washout, corrosion and contamination work together to slow a plant’s productivity. NTN offers bearing solutions for the food and beverage industry designed to exceed industry standards, together with readily available replacement parts through your local distributor at a moment’s notice.

With premium features like corrosion resistant materials, full-contact seals and solid lubricant, our latest line of maintenance-free bearings defend against your plant’s harsh chemicals and wet environments.

Available in both radial ball and mounted unit styles for a wide variety of applications.

sentinel series bearing


Our flagship mounted ball bearing line features a heavy duty housing and blackoxide coated insert that guards against corrosion, humidity and moisture—ideal for the environment stressors you face. At the same time, its unique flinger design and elastomeric seal keeps out contaminants for longer-lasting performance.

sentinal series bearing

NTN Corrosion Resistant Line Bearing Units

NTN Corrosion Resistant Line Bearing Units with NSF H1, food-grade grease designed for all general applications that encounter water and corrosive wash-down like inspection, cutting and conveyors.

bearing image

NTN SENTINEL® SERIES Radial Ball Bearings

Specially designed stainless steel bearings with full-contact seals and H1 solid lubricant prevent grease washout encountered in bottle washing, filling and capping applications.

cutaway of a bearing in a pillow block

NTN SENTINEL® SERIES Mounted Ball Bearings

All units come standard with corrosion-resistant materials, caps and solid lubricant to last longer on conveyors in washdown applications

Our product lines are optimal solutions for an environmentally demanding industry, and we are committed to collaborative development of new and unique solutions for the dynamic rules and regulations of the food and beverage industry.

For more information, download NTN Sentinel Series Defend Your Profits Food & Beverage Brochure (PDF) and NTN Bearings for Produce & Canning Brochure (PDF)



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