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20 Metre Linear AXIS assembled in Bielefeld LM Production


5 November 2020 - Toronto - Linear Motion - Products


NTN-SNR’s Bielefeld Production Facility recently built a very special Linear Module: An extra long 20 Metre Portal Axis AXS280M in combination with an AXS280TV Telescopic AXIS.

NTN-SNR manufactured this high performance multi-axis system for a leading kitchen manufacturer. The application is comprised of a 2-axis system (Y- and Z-axis) with horizontal travel ranging between 4 and 20 metres and 1.5 metres in the vertical direction. This system is used for the feeding of wooden boards of different sizes inside an assembly line for the production of kitchen furniture. The maximum speeds are 4 m/s horizontally and 2 m/s vertically (maximum acceleration is 5-6 m/s²). The moving mass ranges up to 150 kg.


Normally, tooth belt driven modules (type AXS280Y) are used at the horizontal Y-axis for strokes shorter than 8 metres. However in this application, longer strokes are accommodated by using multi-part modules (type AXS280MP) with a rack and pinion drive. Due to the restricted ceiling height at the customer’s plant, newly designed telescopic modules (type AXS280TV) were selected to meet the required vertical Z-axis movement. The modules are equipped with a wide range of accessories such as pneumatic load compensation, collision detection, inductive sensors and a zero-point indicator pneumatic safety pin.

NTN’s Linear Motion Solutions are designed for maximum performance to meet the demands of the most diverse industry applications such as this. Our infinitely extendable, modular rails allow for the construction of very long assemblies, and also provide the ability to extend existing systems. Our customers greatly benefit from our experience in the development of standard or custom Linear Motion Solutions, designed for maximum performance. Please contact your NTN representative to learn more about our Linear Motion portfolio.

To learn more about our Linear Motion product line, please contact your NTN sales representative. You can also access additional information about our linear portfolio at

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